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Deepinder Goyal | Man behind a successful venture of the Zomato



Deepinder Goyal

Have you ever wandered seeking food on a hungry stomach walking over miles, and wished someone would get me food to where you’re right now? Deepinder Goyal is the one who tried to solve the issue with online food delivery. Under the sacrifice of many thin, a well-settled job and life are critical. But his confidence and firm determination to achieve in the delivery of food through a platform called Zomato took multiple rewards and been top among the customer choice and satisfaction. The journey of the Zomato crossed many hurdles in a desperate situation, and with retouching, it has taken shape as a present. Explore the path Goyal explored with the below story and its success.

Deepinder Goyal life

Deepinder Goyal was born on 26 January 1983 in Muktsar, Punjab, India. Both of his parent’s teachers, his father, Harbans Lal Goyal, a botany teacher, and his mother is an English teacher. He was born and raised in a middle-class family. Since childhood, he always focused on studies that led him to enter IIT and graduate from IIT Delhi in 2005 with a Mathematics and Computing degree. Soon after graduation, he joined Bain and company as a Senior Associate Consultant in 2006. After working for around years, he left to start a food startup. 

With a mindset of an entrepreneur, the idea popped into reality when he was graduating from IIT. While seeking food and everyone fond of menu cards, he came up with the idea of online food delivery.

Start Zomato 

As footstep, he co-founded with his buddy  Pankaj Chaddah in 2008, located in Gurugram Haryana, which rebranded to Zomato in 2011. As launched a year, it showed much progress and received many suggestions to add more restaurants. The resultant started in bigger cities like Mumbai and Kolkata. Later it extended to Pune and Bangalore in 2010. Initially, it was easy, but Startups with difficulties aren’t game in the market. As they kept adding more restaurants and bars to deliver, the traffic on the application caused severe financial problems. 

With the help of Info edge funding, it has reshaped again to its form now. It serves a local Daba to excellent quality restaurants with just a few clicks and allows users to review, rate, and analyze the restaurant before ordering based on their interest. 

Personal life 

Deepinder Goyal married Kanchan Josho and helped him during his hard time with the financial crisis during the startup venture. Kanchan worked at Delhi University as an assistant professor. Blessed these couples with a daughter, “Siara Goyal,” born on 23rd October 2013. Deepinder always focused on his goal, and being a food might be one reason to land with food industry firms.

Awards and achievements 

A venture into startup Goyal walks a unicorn that had a beautiful public list in a rating of $ 12 billion. And also, Zomato has achieved to be a startup of the year 2021. In 2015, By NDTV was rewarded as NDTV Indian of the year.


Icon of Inspiration in the food industry created hype of food with doorstep delivery. There are always some things that reflect on every entrepreneur’s journey. Similarly, Goyal seemed for the opportunity and never thought of what came in between to stop. He just headed up. His entire try to reach his destiny has bought him to be a billionaire. The best inspiration to youngsters is that they can’t be away from Zomato. That’s how achievement should look.

How much Deepinder Goyal earning?

Deepinder Goyal earn around $650 million according to 2022.

What is Deepinder Goyal’s investment strategy?

Deepinder Goyal understands that keeping a backup plan is always a great idea to survive in the entrepreneur journey. He has invested in startups like SquadStack, Bira 91, HyperTrack, TerraDo, etc. Deepinder Goyal invested $1.4M in in August 2019

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