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Quitting – the absence of hope | Chester Bennington



Chester Bennington

“Never give up.”

“Quitting is not an option.”

We always hear these lines. Motivation and inspiration are the exact two words that have been shoved up in our minds, possibly in every way.

It is not wrong, and it helps, but it’s not the truth neither the reality. The reality is people quit; they quit on themselves. It’s the harsh reality that we see so many people ending their life. 

It is a vague statement to pass, “They were losers.” “They didn’t dare to step up in the real world.” “They didn’t succeed, so they suicide.” 

No one is a loser, never was, and never will. It’s the loss of hope-no matter who you are. Whether you are on streets or in a penthouse, you cannot survive if there is no hope left.

This month marks the third death anniversary of Chester Bennington. Singer, Lyricist, musician, actor, and best known as the lead vocalist of band Linkin Park. He died on 20th July 2017 at the age of 41.  

This write-up is not like the usual ones we have, where you find the failures and success of achievers, nor is it about who was Chester Bennington? Or why he died?

It’s about the impact he had on us.

He had everything money, fame, success, a family, and anything that we ever wish to have. And nothing came to him as a gift kept inside socks.

It resulted from the hardships and the pain that he felt and the way he expressed, which helped guys like me endure our suffering.

I remember the first time I listened to him, I was unaware of who he was, not even the song. The lyrics connected me like every guy of the 2000s, but for me, it was the year- 2017. It was “The Last Knight.” final Transformers movie, end credits played “In The End.”

I don’t know why that song made me wanting more. I started playing Linkin Park to see the band, but after a few hits, the pain I used to experience felt like being shared like someone is listening to me. The song was “Crawling.” It was for the first time in 3 months, and I was comfortable with myself. That moment, that song saved me. It could have been much worse but the song changed me, Chester Bennington kept me safe from hurting myself. 

Here I’m writing about that time in my life with warmth in my heart and tears in my eyes; thinking about what made him do that. I am not writing this to feel sad about his death; he never wanted that. It is to remember him, the man who was so dear to live and always wanted others to cherish life.

The tragedy is, he ended his life. But this is not something to degrade Chester Bennington. It is more about understanding how deep he was hurt inside and still had positivity to spread. It’s a message for us to know how vulnerable we are. We need love, care, and more than that, support. To know that “someone’s got your back.” can save a life.


We at Failure Before Success always believe that being there for someone is the only thing you do for others. And this is what we stand for if we can help, just one man we feel we have done our part.

We write articles about the failures so that a struggling man can feel that it happens with everyone, everyone who falls has the power to rise again, to succeed.

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