The Origin of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Jamsetji Tata constructed the Taj Palace Hotel in revenge.

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Reason of Construction

In the 1890 Century, the British Government was ruling on India. As Jamsetji Tata was an Indian, he was not allowed to go to a hotel.

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He was refused entrance to Watson's Hotel, which had the tag "Whites Only." To counter this insult, he built the Taj Palace Hotel.

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Construction Cost

construction cost of taj hotel was 4-5 Crores INR

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The Taj's foundation was crafted in 1898, and on December 16, 1902, the hotel's doors officially opened to guests.

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Situated near the Gateway of India in Colaba, Mumbai

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Exciting Fact

The Taj Mahal Palace was the very first building in Bombay to be lighted by electricity.

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It was built before the construction of the Gateway of India.

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Barack Obama Words

“The Taj has been the symbol of the strength and the resilience of the Indian people”

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The Taj Hotel was one of the primary targets of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.

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