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50Fin | Revolutionizing Financial Services with Instant Loans





Founded in 2022 by Aditya Srinivas Prasad and Darpan Tanna, 50Fin is a fintech startup specializing in providing instant loans against securities and mutual funds. This innovative company simplifies the loan process by eliminating the need for physical documents and CIBIL checks, making it faster and more accessible for Indian investors.

Key Information About 50Fin

FoundersAditya Srinivas Prasad, Darpan Tanna
SpecializationLoans Against Securities and Mutual Funds
Unique FeaturePaperless loan processing without CIBIL checks

Founders’ Backgrounds

  • Aditya Srinivas Prasad: Holds degrees in Econometrics and Public Policy from Purdue University and a Master’s from Babson College. He founded A.S and Chang Investments, focusing on private securities during the pandemic.
  • Darpan Tanna: Graduated in Computer Science from Purdue University, worked as a researcher and product developer before co-founding 50Fin. He now leads the development of the company’s loan maintenance logic as CTPO.

Investment and Growth

50Fin has attracted significant investment to fuel its growth:

YearAmount RaisedInvestorsPurpose
2023$500,000100X.VC, Keynote Capital, Arun VenkatachalamInitial operations and seed funding
2024$550,000Arali Ventures, Nitin GuptaTechnological advancements and expansion

Market Opportunity

50Fin targets the large and growing number of Indian investors—over 150 million—who own securities. The company has established strategic partnerships with Fi Money and Bajaj Capital to provide diverse Loan Against Securities (LAS) solutions.

Future Plans

50Fin aims to expand its distribution capacity and enhance its infrastructure offerings to NBFCs. The company is on a clear path to profitability, expected within the next 12–16 months, as it continues to innovate and lead in the LAS market.


50Fin is setting new standards in the fintech industry by making financial services more accessible and efficient. With strong leadership, strategic investments, and a commitment to innovation, 50Fin is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the financial sector.

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