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Charles Darwin | The successful and influential scientist who walked past all his failures



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Charles Darwin was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution. He has accomplished and has made history with his invention. He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestry, and created the scientific theory where he explained the branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process of natural selection. But to make it to this conclusion he did face his share of failures.

Charles Darwin’s early failures :

Charles Darwin was enrolled at Dr. Butler’s Shrewsbury School but however he was not at all interested in studies. He remarks about his experience on school education as, “The school as a means of education to me was simply a blank. I learned absolutely nothing except by amusing myself reading and experimenting with chemistry.” Following this he wasn’t able to complete his medicine study and ended up getting terminated. When he dropped his medical career, his father was very much disappointed. His father told him, “You care for nothing but shooting dogs and catching rat and and you will be nothing but a disgrace to yourself and all of your family.”

Charles Darwin was sent to Christ’s College, Cambridge after his first major failure of giving up medicine. After this ironically for his fathers statement he only faced one major hurdle. His only failure was that he couldn’t find out what links all species together. While Charles was seen as a failure by his school, college and his own father, with his persistence he proved them all wrong. He was considered an ordinary boy by all my masters and my father, but he established and accomplished something extraordinary in his life. Similarly he made his name to the pages of history with his confidence and hard work.

Darwin chose to pursue his dream, exploring nature and understanding species. And he put in a lot of time and effort into his research. However his finding didn’t happen overnight. Years of struggles went behind the enormous invention of his. He faced several health issues as well but he never let all these drain him. He was very much hardworking and passionate about what he was doing.

Life lessons from Charles Darwin’s life :

Persistence is key to achieving anything in life. Charles Darwin’s life defines this. He was persistent and kept working towards chasing his dreams. Darwin was passionate and efficiently working hard. He didn’t let peoples opinions drain him down. He took criticisms constructively and was up to take risks in life. Therefore when you keep working hard with your utmost dedication into the work you are sure to achieve what you aim for.

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When was Charles Darwin born?

Charles Darwin was born on 12 February 1809.

What was Darwin famous for?

British naturalist Charles Darwin is credited for the theory of natural selection. 

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