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Success Story Of Robert Downey Jr.




robert downey jr
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In this motivational success story, you will understand that everything is possible. You will appreciate how Robert Downey Jr. rose from the bottom and became a superhero. “Remember that just because you hit bottom doesn’t mean you have to stay there” ~ Robert Downey Jr. His journey to this enormous success was surely not an easy one. He went through a lot of failures, rejections and setbacks. But his persistent hard work and dedication paved way to his fame. His story is an inspiration to several people.

Robert Downey’s early struggles

Robert Downey Jr. started his journey as an actor at the age of 5. During his early days, he had minor roles in his father’s movies. Life was not as easy for Robert as his father impacted him in a disastrous way. He grows up with drugs, and the sole reason for this was his father, who was himself a drug-addict. His father introduced drugs to him at a very tender age and also let him use it. Life changed into a nightmare for Robert.

In 1997 he was loved by his audience, for the role of a drug addict which he he later never did in any of his movies. Because of his realistic performance in this role, he received many positive reviews and role offers from top directors. For him, it was a key to Hollywood doors. The doors were wide open for him for the next four years. This was a major breakthrough in his life. He decided to put in his best efforts and successfully proved himself to the world.

From 1996 to 2001, Robert was arrested many times on charges related to drugs. He went through many drug treatments program, but nothing worked. In 1996, Robert got arrested for possession of drugs, and an unloaded handgun. In 1997, sentenced to 6 months in prison after violating his parole by missing drug tests. During this time in the jail, he was attacked by many fellow inmates. The next day, he woke up in a pool of his own blood after being beaten up blue and black. In 1997 because he missed another drug test, he was arrested again. He spent one more year in prison. In prison, he worked in the kitchen and washed dishes for 8 cents an hour.

After Robert got released from prison, he still couldn’t come over drug addiction. He ended up getting fired from a series in 2001 because of drugs. Similarly at that moment, he almost went bankrupt. The several hurdles made him very weak but things did change when he met his wife Susan Levin.

Robert Downey’s breakthrough

In 2003, he had his major turning point, in the form of his wife, Susan Levin. She insisted that she would only marry him if he left drugs. So after so many struggles with arrests, he found a new life. Now he was ready to work hard to make a full recovery. In a filmy way, he threw all his drugs in the pacific ocean. Following this, he entered a program in which he performed Yoga, Martial arts and Meditation. And the biggest battle of his life began. Life seemed hard but he was all set to work harder. He has a new leash towards life and was very much persistent to make a difference.

He worked for almost five years to reach what he has now achieved. After five years os struggle, he got an opportunity to play the role of Iron Man in the movie and made a grand entry in Marvel. There surely is no doubt that Robert Downey Jr. went through a tough time in his life, but he didn’t let anything stop him, and that’s made him a successful man.
Now he is one of the most talented, popular actors of all time, one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, his net worth is $300M.

Other Ventures

Besides acting, Robert Downey had sung many songs too. The films for which he sang songs include “Too much sun”, “Two girls and a guy”, “Friends and Lovers” and many more. He had also released a CD in 2004, called the Futurist, promoting his movie the Tropic Thunder.

In 2010, Downey and his wife Susan had started their production company called Team Downey.

Life lessons from Robert Downey’s life

Robert Downey is an example of persistence and hard work. He proved that you don’t have to do everything alone, it’s okay to ask for help. But having self confidence in life is very much important to achieve even the smallest of things. We learn it’s never too late to change yourself. You are the master of your own destiny, the creator of your life and future. If you want your destiny to look like you’ve always dreamed of, do something about it now. Failures and hurdles are a part of life. Try your best to get past these with utmost dedication and your sure to reach your goals in no time. Therefore never give up, keep moving forward to chase your dreams.

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Downey's first lead role was with Molly Ringwald in what film?

Downey’s first lead role was with Molly Ringwald in the film The Pick-up Artist (1987).

Robert starred as Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 film Chaplin, which earned him a what?

This film earned him the Nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Robert starred as Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 film Chaplin, which earned him a what?

Nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor.



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