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Jerry Seinfeld | The success story of a hardworking actor



Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer. He is best known for playing a semi-fictionalized version of himself in the sitcom Seinfeld, which he created and wrote with Larry David. Jerry has accomplished a lot in the field of acting over the years but this didn’t happen overnight. He had his fair share of failures and hardships in life. Everything wasn’t easy. He struggled hard and despite the failures that came up he was never ready to give up. He was very persistent and determined.

Jerry Seinfeld’s early struggles:

Jerry Seinfeld was born in 1954, in Brooklyn, New York. His journey towards becoming becoming actual wasn’t easy. It’s Seinfeld’s earliest failures that are most notable when speaking about his success in life. In 1976, at the age of 22-years old, after graduating from Queens College, he tried his hand at standup during an open-mic night in New York City where he froze on stage, forgetting the joke. From the second row, a heckler asked, “Is this your first time?” He was booed off the stage and felt miserable about the failure. But he didn’t stop. He simply kept going. Though he had rehearsed his material thoroughly the night before, when he stepped out on stage, he couldn’t remember a word of his act. “I stood there for about thirty seconds … saying absolutely nothing, just standing there, freaking out. I just couldn’t believe it.”

But this didn’t pull back Jerry Seinfeld’s confidence. He continued his stint of standup acts over the next three years, which eventually led to an appear on an HBO Special for Rodney Dangerfield, and afterwards, to a role on the sitcom, Benson. But unfortunately there was a clash in the crew and and ended up getting fired after only four episodes.

Episode 141: Seinfeld Matters...But Why Tho?

Following this he kept working hard and he appeared adjacent to Johnny Carson on, The Tonight Show. This was one major step in his career. He had his breakthrough when he created the semi-fictional series about his life with co-creator, Larry David and pitched it to NBC. It was originally named, The Seinfeld Chronicles, but was later changed to Seinfeld. In 2002, TV Guide ranked it as the greatest show of all time, then subsequently ranked it the second greatest show of all time in 2012. With his confidence and persistent efforts he has accomplished himself in his field of expertise. He never gave up on his dreams and rather crossed all the hurdles to make it to it. He success story is truly an inspiration to several people who year to make it to their dreams one day.

Life lessons from Jerry Seinfeld’s life :

The major life lesson from Jerry Seinfeld’s life is to keep pursuing your dreams despite the failures and rejections you face in life. Hurdles and setbacks are a part of life and what matters the most is how we reach success after walking past these. He is an epitome of hard work and determination. He always kept himself motivated and was never ready to give up. Jerry believed in learning from the failures that he encountered and this was this greatest assets. He quotes that , “Keep your head up in failure, and your head down in success,” . Even after the several setbacks, he did not give up and went on to become the king of observational comedy. Failure is an integral part of success. Never give up and keep on moving persistently towards the goal. You are sure to taste the essence of success.

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Is Jerry Seinfeld really OCD?

“Jerry has obsessive compulsive traits and issues relating to perfectionism and orderliness,” Professor Anthony Tobia told the Guardian.

Is Seinfeld really about Jerry's life?

The character of George was based on a combination of the show’s co-creator, comedian Larry David, and Jerry’s real-life childhood friend Michael Costanza.

Is Jerry Seinfeld a billionaire?

Jerry Seinfeld is the richest comedian in the world, being worth almost a billion dollars as things currently stand. As of 2021, Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth is estimated to be $950 million.

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