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John London | The success story of an American novelist



John London

John London was an American novelist, journalist, and social activist. The success of Jack London tells us to never assume that our dreams are out of our grasp; as long as we persevere and work hard, every step we take in life is a step towards our success. His success didn’t happen overnight. The success he reached has been solely because of his hard work and persistent efforts. He never gave up in life despite the several failures he came across. His life story is truly an inspiration to people who are determined to pursue their goals and dreams.

John London’s early struggles:

John London was born in1876 into a poor family in San Francisco. He faced several struggles right from his childhood. His biological mother put him up for adoption after she attempted suicide at the time. Following this at the age of 10, Jack’s family suffered a life-altering catastrophe which forced him to leave the school he had been attending. So it was, from this early age, Jack understood the heavy burden that life could bestow. He started taking up the huge responsibility and worked hard to make ends meet. He had a dream, a burning desire to become a great writer. But unfortunately, his family constraints couldn’t provide him with any academic support. He didn’t have resources, neither did he have educational guidance. The one thing he had was a passionate heart and a heartfelt desire to write.

Jack London was very determined and went ahead to pursue his dreams. With no money to buy books, he borrowed them from friends or from the free public library. At the age of 24, Jack London was still working and attempting to learn at the same time. He had committed to mastering the art of writing, deciding to write at least 1,000 words per day no matter what the situation. His passion and belief gave him the confidence to send out manuscript after manuscript, only to get them coldly returned one after the other. But these rejections dint demotivate Jack London.

He suffered through more than 50 separate rejections during a 5-month period of sending out his manuscripts and writing to various publishers. After the series of rejection and failures, at a point after continuous failures, Jack’s heart wavered. He started pondering, “Am I not be suited to writing?”. But he was not ready to step back yet.

Jack London's Son of the Wolf - act 1 | Indiegogo

Jack London again started devoting himself to writing day and night. With each defined character, or newly completed chapter, he was proud of himself. Because he knew that each development was taking him one step closer to his dream. He was very perseverant and kept trying again and again. After years and years and success was ultimately found. He had his breakthrough with his book the “Son of the Wolf”. This was a tremendous success, both domestically and internationally. Jack London published more than 50 other works, including ‘Call of the Wild’, ‘The Wolf’, ‘White Fang’, ‘Martin Eden’, and many more. He has proved himself to the world and has successfully achieved his dreams of becoming an author. His persistent efforts and hard work have been his greatest assets in this journey.

Life lessons from John London’s life :

John London’s life tells us to never assume that our dreams are out of our grasp; as long as we persevere and work hard, every step we take in life is a step towards our success. Failures and rejections are a part of life. What makes you shine is your ability to overcome these with flying colours. Never give up easily. Always keep yourself motivated and keep working towards achieving your dreams. Success is not too far when you are persistent and hard working. Never lose your self confidence. When you are ready to put in your efforts you are sure to reap the fruit of it.

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What did Jack London suffer from?

In the last two years of his life, he endured bouts of dysentery, gastric disorders and rheumatism.

Where did Jack London get his education?

University of California, Berkeley (1896–1897)

Oakland High School (1896)

Did Jack London win any awards?

Although he was one of the world’s most successful writers, he never received any literary awards during his lifetime.

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