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Sreelakshmi Suresh | Success story of World’s youngest web designer



Sreelakshmi Suresh

Sreelakshmi Suresh is a web designer from Kozhikode, Kerela. She is the World’s Youngest CEO and Web Designer. In this article, we will share the story of an exceptionally talented young girl who proved that age is just a number. She became the youngest CEO and web designer at a very young age. Isn’t it amazing?

Also, Sreelakshmi is the youngest entrepreneur. Continue reading this article to know the success story of the youngest CEO and web designer, Sreelakshmi Suresh.

Biography of Sreelakshmi Suresh

Born on 5th February 1998, Sreelakshmi is 23 years old as of 2022. Completed her schooling at Presentation Higher Secondary school in Kerela. Further, she completed her graduation in Business Management from St.Joseph’s College, Devagiri.

Sreelakshmi began using computers at the age of 3. She started designing at the age of 4 and finally designed her first website at the age of 6.

Early Life and Family

Sreelakshmi was born into a middle-class family in Kerela. Her father Suresh Manon is an advocate in the Calicut council.

The career of Sreelakshmi Suresh

Sreelakshmi started meddling with computers at the age of three. Initially began designing websites at the age of 4 and finally created her first website by six. She also developed a web portal for her school, inaugurated by Binoy Viswam, the then Forest Minister of Kerela. Explicitly the idea of website development arose from secondary high school. Formerly the school didn’t have any website for management. Hence she put forward the initial step of designing a website for her school. Further led to earning acclamation and acknowledgment worldwide,

Sreelakshmi is also the First Youngest Woman Entrepreneur in India. Then, she started her startup, eDesign, at 11 in 2009. Further, she started her next company, Tiny Logo, at 11.

Sreelakshmi also manages another company, Online Pixel, through which she imparts knowledge to the needy. In addition to this, she also designed a website for the Bar Council of Kerela. Currently, she is working as the CEO of eDesign Technologies.

Awards and Achievements

Sreelakshmi is an exceptionally talented web designer and has received several awards for her contributions to the field. Hence, in 2008, she received the National Award for Exceptional Achievement from the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Thus, the award was presented to her by Sonia Gandhi. At a function held at Vigyan Bhawan in 2009. Indeed, this was her first award, and following this, also she has received numerous awards. Following are the list of awards:-

Golden Web AwardUSA
Sixty Plus Educational AwardCanada
Feeblemind’s Award of ExcellenceUK
Webmasters Ink AwardUSA
Penmarric Bronze AwardCanada
Global Internet Directories Gold AwardUSA
WM8C Stamp of Excellence AwardUSA
37th Texa’s Web AwardUSA
American Association of Webmasters Merit Award
Thomas Sims Graves Award of ExcellenceUK
Moms Global Award for Inspirational Website 2006-07UK
ProFish-N-Sea Charters World Class Website AwardBrazil
Watashi Science Movement Excellence Award 2007

Sreelakshmi is an inspiration for youths and an epitome of creativity and talent.


Sreelakshmi now has designed and developed about 100 websites, some of which have been regularly covered by the media. She gained recognition and fame in 2006. Since then she has received huge attention and appreciation for her work.

According to 2022, she is studying as a final year BBA student from Kozhikode, Kerala. Till now, she designed websites for over 250 clients with affordable charges. Hence she hasn’t spent much on marketing to gain publicity. Generally, this shows that she values knowledge, not money.

Sreelakshmi Suresh is a well-known web designer and entrepreneur. Her hard work, consistency, and perseverance have brought her success and recognition.

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Who is Sreelakshmi Suresh?

Sreelakshmi Suresh is a web designer from Kozhikode, Kerela. She is the World’s Youngest CEO and Web Designer.

When was Sreelakshmi born?

Sreelakshmi was born on 5th February 1998 in Kozhikode, Kerela.

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