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Vedantu | Progress of knowledge network through live tutoring




Indian education is reforming with massive growth along online platforms one of those firms that gained over the edge is Vedantu. A live streaming online tutoring firm is providing high-quality and interactive classes teaching with high content. Education has become nowadays learn less right more, confused are we paying to gain knowledge or learning how to write.

So it is important to bring the knowledge to light and enhance the ability of one passion and prove that written word memorization is more impactful than relevant knowledge to succeed.

About Vedantu

A successive life doesn’t just come by sitting in class and listening it’s all about keeping one concentration and understanding it. Vedantu an online educational service provides a live streaming class from well-trained teachers to bring up the student’s ability.

Vedantu a word itself describes it all about the knowledge network, that establishes the connection between the teachers and students to have personalized learning. 

It all started with Lakshya founded by Vamshi Krishna in 2006 training students for a variety of varied tests. But things were different in India it needed skilled teachers Lakshya was acquired by MTEducare, six years later, in 2012. 

Further started with Vedantu an Ed-Tech startup online tutoring platform that was officially introduced in 2014. Vamshi Krishna along with other 3 IITian friends started this firm to teach millions of students with Ai integrated Live classes and asynchronously capture all the core concept teaching.

Introduction on Founders

Vamshi Krishna is the CEO & co-founder of Vedantu. Soon after completing graduation, he started experimenting with quality teaching by collecting information from underdeveloped villages in Punjab and started with Lakshya along with the 3 co-founders. Expanding it through the best content and quality teachers in 2012, MTEducare, an MNC, bought a major stake in Lakshya.

Similarly, Pulkit Jain is also a co-founder with a degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Roorkee. Next founder Saurabh Saxena a Chemical Engineering student at IIT Roorkee served as co-founder handles the Head of Academics and exited Vedantu in January 2018. Anand Prakash another co-founder in Vedantu. he handles the academic head department. He did B.Eng from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. In 2005, he joined Abhishek industries as a manager.

Founders of Vedantu in Frame

Invented features

Vedantu teaches with custom-built whiteboard technology and started its service from the classes for the KG level. Majorly concentrated on classes VI to class XII based on CBSE and ICSE boards. Maharashtra board is also included among other boards. And other academic streams of higher education like arts, science, and commerce.  Moreover, training for preparatory classes for NEET, JEE, etc, are both main and advanced open.

A trained teacher focuses on every single student and makes sure about records, mock tests, and sample tests. Then it also focuses on coverage of both ICSE and CBSE syllabi. Also providing solutions every expert guides the student rated to study material and solutions. Live classes help in solving a doubt on the spot.

Highlights through journey

Vedantu has raised $290.9M in funding over 6 rounds, with 2.1 crore hours of live learning. COVID-19 helped to accelerate growth with revenue of $1 billion. Then, recognized as ‘Best Organization to Develop Technology for Education’ by DNA Innovative Education Awards in 2016.

Further, it won ‘KINSES 2016 EduAwards’. Hence, Elets World Education Summit awarded the title ‘Online Education Startup of the Year.

Vedantu progress

An Education service with 25 million students annually increases its student growth by 220%. Providing a customized live class with AI and ML implementation helps in making a live class more interactive for the users. 

Moving forward Vamshi and his co-founders decided to witness double growth With 1 million learners exploring new prospects. Then engaging in convenient educational services in the future. Hence, it helps in dominating the Indian education sector with technology to boost the successful and graceful future of growing buds.

Vedantu employment structure?

With the latest round of layoffs, the Bengaluru-based firm has 624 employees.

Vedantu firm stands for ?

It mainly stands for “Live Online Tutoring”-  live interactive classes are designed to show the path to success. 

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