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Anand Murti Guruma | The world of spirituality



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Gurupreet Kaur Grover or Anand Murti Guruma is an Indian spiritual leader & yoga master. She began feeling her powers from her childhood. Rather than fun of life, Guruma chose to be in silence away from the world. The secret behind her good health and discipline is constant meditation and focus on self.

Early Life

Born on 8 April 1966, Anandmurti Guruma belongs to Amritsar, Punjab. She was brought up in a family of 5; her parents, one brother and two sisters. In 1947, her family moved to India from Gujranwala, Pakistan.

After completing high schooling from a convent school, Guruma enrolled at Government College for Women, Amritsar, for an undergraduate course in Political Science and philosophy. At the mere age of nine years, the sharpness and deep understanding of Guruma astonished her teachers. From the very beginning, Guruma used to find a silent place and meditate. Unlike other kids of her age, she liked to listen to the philosophies of Vedanta.

Success Story

At a very early age, Anand Murti Guruma began writing poetry. Up till today, she has written thousands of poetries and also developed their musical compositions. Leaving the world away, one day decided to go into complete silence. For the following seven months, Guruma indulged in total quietness and then left for visits to holy places of North India. She reached Rishikesh, stayed there for a while and then again went into deep silence. Guruma felt the call of divinity when she was merely fourteen years of age. She used to deliver spiritual sermons publicly.

Guruma’s preachings and values began spreading worldwide and gained broad appreciation. Today, Being very fond of her followers, she stays at village Gannaur in Sonepat city of Haryana. From there, her followers can easily approach her at any time of the hearing. She carries out different workshops there.

Despite belonging from a rich family, Guruma left all the luxuries of life behind. She stepped ent into the world of spirituality. The ashram is beautifully built. It serves people who desire to follow the path of spirituality. It is a lovely place with exhaust spaces. Staying there, One can evolve profoundly and celebrate life. There are regular discourses, retreats and meditation sessions. As a result, The place spread its arms to welcome people from all over the world.


Today, Anand Murti Guruma has became a spiritual leader. As a result, Her teaching are treated as the source of utmost importance. She guides peoples to live in harmony and keep clarity of mind.
Guruma has endowed Diksha from Sant Delawar Singh and got the title ‘Anand Murti Guruma’. She has complete faith in ayurvedic treatments. As a result, there are training classes available at her ashram.

One of the sermons of Guruma

Apart from this, She has written many books on health and meditation. Some of them are, Health & Healing through Yoga, The compassionate, and In Quest of Sadguru. The show “Amrit Varsha” telecasts Guruma delivering discourse.

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