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Bear Grylls Success Story




Bear Grylls Success Story

Bear Grylls is a famous adventure and survival expert who dares to do what no one else has done. From exploring jungles to climbing a big mountain, eating insects, and surviving in harsh conditions. His success is an incredible mindset to go beyond pain and fear and push himself to the limits.

His success story will inspire you and teach you how to survive anything that life throws at you. It will help you to become bold enough to leave your comfort zone and finally achieve your dreams.

You only get one chance at life and you have to grab it boldly.

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls’ early struggles and hardships

He loved adventure since he was a kid. He used to always climb cliffs with his dad and felt at home in the wild. Unfortunately, he had a hard time at school. In school, he was constantly bullied.

“I was much tougher before school I have learned to love the outdoors and to understand the wild and how to push myself. when I hit school, suddenly all I felt was fear.”

Fear forces you to look tough on the outside but makes you weak on the inside.

“This is the opposite of all I had never known as a kid growing up”

He and his friends were often beaten up by this physically stronger guy. Bear Grylls became tired of feeling weak and terrified all the time. He decided to train karate along with some friends to learn how to defend himself. Every night they used to sleep on the floor and train hard. As the days passed they learned how to fight. His confidence began to rise and, he was not afraid anymore. So the bullying stopped. He went on his first Himalayan Adventure after finishing school. He spent months hiking in India and loved being there.

In 1994, he joined the British army and served the special air service(SAS) for three years. During this time he learned a lot of surviving skills that made him a surviving specialist.

But one training exercise went very wrong and almost cost him his life. His parachute refused to open at 16000 feet while doing a skydive over Zambia. He fell on the ground and broke his back in three different places. The damage was so severe that doctors told him I might never walk again. He spent 18 painful months in military rehab.

It’s only when we get kicked down, we see what we are made of. It is easy to be positive when everything is going well. But the heart of all the great endeavors is the ability to keep moving forward, however grim it gets.

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Lessons we can learn from his story

“After my accident was such a time in my confidence permitted but those long been for months or so give me a career goal in that was to climb I gained Everest had been If you dream of mine ever since I was a kid in my leave that had given me the post of Everest that I had always kept by my bed. But I sometimes wonder if I haven’t had the accident whether they would have actually ever had the courage to make that dream a reality. that dream drove me also much in those dark days in weeks in hospital after my accident. It lit a fire within me. That eventually took me to the summit of Everest in the back. I stumbled on the journey of recovery and had many dark days but I never gave up. That has been the key to so much since”

“Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever”

Lance Armstrong

His life was never the same again. It took off in ways he couldn’t have imagined. 18 months after the injury he climbed Everest. And soon Bear Grylls became a global TV star.
“Sometimes it takes a knock in life to make you realize what you really value. I left that hospital with a fire inside to live life boldly and With gratitude. I had been given a second chance that doesn’t always happen.

“You only get one chance at life and you have to grab it boldly”

Bear Grylls

“We all have our limits. to push beyond those limits sometimes require something just beyond ourselves. That is what my faith has given me. a secret strength and help when I need it most”

“The greatest journeys all start with a single step”

Bear Grylls

keep focused on the step in front of you, nothing else.

Bear Grylls

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