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Blinkit | Formerly took minutes to deliver success from Grofers to Blinkit 




Wonder how fast technology makes human life easy with time sense. Think of times when we used to shop buy things bargain buy and come back, which would take more than hours, but wasting hours if items available in minutes just sitting home and scrolling through. Blinkit is an instant commercial grocery shopping online platform revolutionizing e-commerce delivery with time-definite reach. The success story of Blinkit on-demand scheduled time delivery based on customer requirements.

Start of Blinkit

Blinkit, formerly known as Grofers founded in 2013 by IIT graduates Albinder Dhindsa and Saurabh Kumar. In the growing e-retail network, the economy lacks a gap in delivering things, so the duo came up with opportunities. It was time when Startups started emerging with various options in different fields. They encashed this situation by organizing customer service with better facilities and the fastest delivery within 10 minutes. They initially called Grofers a combined word like Grocery and Gophers, which mainly meant a person who runs errands. The tagline of Grofers is ‘We get it. 

It works from connecting with the grocery stores to connecting through the mobile application. On placing the order, the delivery boys pick up the order from the nearby store assigned with the application. 

It is a two-way profit to the owners and grocery shop with a certain amount of money received from the consumer as the commission.

Founder’s details

Albinder Dhindsa – Graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, after which he completed his MBA from the Columbia Business School. Soon after completed degree, he started work at URS Corporations Transportation Analyst. Also worked as an Associate and Senior Associate in Cambridge Systematics, UBS investment bank. Then working for more than two years in Zomato as Head of International Operations, he left for founding Grofers. 

Saurabh Kumar –  Completed engineering from B.Tech, Civil Engineering student of IIT Bombay. And further for an MS in Transportation Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He also worked in Cambridge Systematics, later as COO in Opera Solutions and Rasilant Technologies Pvt Ltd. Building a Grofers, he left in 2021 to find Warpli, an e-commerce platform.

Co-founders Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa

Funding of Blinkit 

As a unicorn business company, it raised around $1 billion now. The grocery and Indian delivery giant raised $100 million, and with a fresh round of funding, it raised $500 million. And to unicorn recognized, Zomato helped in reaching the standards. With funding, its revenue also increased from 1.2 lakh orders per day to 1+ million orders weekly across 12 cities. Blinkit currently operates in more than 30 cities in India. As of 2022, the company has raised about 43% from investors, including SoftBank, Tiger Global, and Sequoia, mainly from Zomato.

Concluded information 

With the significant contributions of Zomato in reaching Blinkit to the unicorn level, it merged with Zomato in 2022. Grofers or Blinkit has lately been controversial for its minutes delivery and facing many backlashes with this Blinkit cause up with boost. Now it’s the third highest online grocery delivery having a 13% market share. Further, it is trying to be the arm of Zomato’s primary source of online delivery.

why did grofer changed its name to blinkit?

The platform has changed its name due to the increasing competition in the market. The new name, Blinkit, suggests the quick delivery of the products within the blink of an eye.

Is blinkit owned by Zomato?

In July 2022, online restaurant aggregator Zomato had invested USD 100 million in acquiring a minority stake in Grofers, not Blinkit.

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