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Costa Coffee | Second highest world-famous aromatic coffee expansion



Costa Coffee

The coffee aroma is enough to refresh the mood and set it to focus on things or work. Creates perfection and the finest quality coffee with a commitment to success with Costa Coffee, an international favorite. Coffee is always a blend of roasted crust managed with a bit of sugar and cream. There are around 112 variations in coffee. Picking one among many and making it a fantastic blend that taste feels like one good enough to be a favorite of all time. Good coffee has one good story. Let’s see from the beginning.

Beginning of Costa Coffee 

In 1971, the Costa family migrated from England to Parma and started a coffee roastery in Fenchurch Street, London, initially supplied to the local cafeterias. They saw the vast sales of Sergio and Bruno Costa set up their shop in Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, in 1981. They named the shop on behalf of the family name Costa, which took rapid growth in later years.

To start a new tableware company, Bruno left Costa in 1979, and soon Costa hit around 40+ in the UK by 1951, Whitbread acquired it. Since then, selling has widened its strengths over the biggest cafeterias and restaurants in the UK and set up its 1000th store in Cardiff by 2009. 

Costa also purchased Coffeeheavens for £36m from eastern and central, adding 79 other stores in 2010. Then the market share increased to 37.6%, leading UK’s leading brand UK to take over Starbucks

In 2019 two significant things happened: First, Dominic Paul was succeeded as CEO of the company by Jill McDonald, and second, Coca-Cola purchased Costa Coffee for $4.9 billion.

Costa Coffee products 

Costa mainly serves hot and cold coffee, drinks, sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and some snacks. In addition, they extended contracts with some chocolate to enhance the flavor of three companies: Quality Street, After Eight, and Terry’s. 

Cappuccino – It’s a treat on every sip made out of frothy, intense milk, and dust of chocolate can have it hot or cold. 

Cortado – Mixture of the purest essence of Espresso and textured milk, ended with the sign of a small heart. It’s small with a luxury feel and taste.

Espresso – One of the famous drinks, love it in your way with softened with hot water. Drink it straight up or add a splash of milk. 

Flat White – Whether hot or cold, it’s the best combination of Espresso and velvety milk. 

Latte – Aromatic Espresso and mild milk, perfect for both winter and summer in the way of weather.

Flavors of Costa Coffee

Costa Book Award

A literacy award is given to the writer of the English-language book. Initially, it was known as Whitbread Book Award. As Whitbread takeover Costa Coffee it renames to Costa Book Award in 2006. 

Inspired growth

While famous coffee shops handled takeaways, Costa launched coffee via drones in 2017. Through this, it started overseas operations holding around 1413 stores in 32 countries and three continents. According to Google, it is the second most famous coffee, with a $1.54 billion revenue. With varieties of flavors of around 50+ years, Costa fulfills people’s craving for coffee in a short break.

Costa Coffee headquarters

Costa Coffee is a British coffeehouse chain with headquarters in Dunstable, England.

Who is the sponsor of the Costa Book Awards?

The British Booksellers Association administers the awards. It is sponsored by Costa Coffee since 2006.

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