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Crazy people never stop Trying




Why do we tend to read success stories? Answering this might not be easy but I honestly feel it motivates us and inspires us keep moving forward despite the various rejections.

A man sells his company and invests his profit in different companies and chooses to live in a rented room and hardly ate twice in a day. Only an extraordinary man can do this because an ordinary person would choose to spend his profit on cars, houses and luxuries. This determined man is Elon musk. Today, he is the owner of several big companies, namely Space X, Tesla and Solar City. His net worth is 41.5 billion dollars, and this is the result of his will power. He chose to follow his passion and went ahead to accomplish so much in life.

It’s easy to walk in a regular way, but it’s hard to create your own way. Taking risks is very much important. Choose to pave your own success story. Being unique makes you stand out in a crowd and this would play a major part in your failure.

Are you aware of the actor who got rejected because of his heavy voice? Today he is known as Big B. Yes; I am talking about Amitabh Bachchan. After 17 flop movies, he had his major breakthrough with his superhit movie Zanjeer. After facing a lot of rejections, with his consistency, he made mountains to bow before him. His persistent hard work has been his greatest assets and this paved way to his enormous success story.

There’s an incident with Virat Kohli which explains his passion and madness for cricket. In 2006 he played for Ranji in Karnataka. The first day he hit 40 runs not out, and the next day he received the news about his father’s demise. Everyone expected him to not be playing the next day; and the management started looking out for a replacement. But the next day he was on the field, he scored a century. If this isn’t craziness, then what else is? One in a million has this level of craziness.

You need to be crazy to work 15 hours a day, to achieve something unique. These types of people exists in numbers, not in percentage. With the same passion ignited, there is a story of Dashrath Manjhi. He lost his wife due to a very disheartening situation. A mountain stood in his way to the hospital. The lack of source to reach cost him his wife’s life. He converted his anger into dedication and made a path through the ridges of hills with just a hammer and a chisel. His creation helped to reduce the distance of 55 Km to 15 Km. He was all alone in this endeavor, and it took him a lifetime of 22 hard years. This type of effort and determination comes after a heartbreak. Most people can not handle pain, and those who overcome it make a difference in the world.

It’s only craziness when the rest of the world is busy planning trips, and some hustlers are creating and implementing plans for building their empire. When an ordinary man is looking for a job, these not so ordinary hustlers create employment for others. Today, people with this mindset are known as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. They are never satisfied with their work, they never sleep before completing their work, and they never wake up without dreams.

Crazy people never stop trying; they try even after 1000 failures. They will work until they achieve their goals. Determined people are ever hard working and persistence. They learn from their failures and never let rejections pull them back. This type of people are not only popular they are a brand themselves. They accomplish and prove the world about themselves through their notable achivements.

Thomas Elva Edison and his legend of failures are one such story of a never give up attitude. Therefore when one is all set to achieve his dream, he should never once think about stepping back. Keep moving forward despite the setbacks that come up your way. Success is a result of hard work and determination.

For an untrained eye, it might look that these people were born with gifts or talents, but it was purely their want, their want to be a cause for a change, create a difference made their ordinary lives extraordinary. They were crazy and determined. I just want to say, do whatever you like, whatever you love, just be crazy for it, be passionate enough that you never leave a stone unturned. Do your best to achieve it. Until this madness is born inside your head, you will be an average person.

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