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FreshMenu | Successful online delivery of fresh chef-cooked food




In the 21st century, every person always craves creativity in every new venture, similar to food. The world has a variety of cuisines, and as humans, we at least thought of trying those cuisines once. Rashmi Daga ideated FreshMenu online ordering startup eating different every day to excite food cravings. Like its name, it delivers fresh, new, quality food to its customers every day. Rashmi took a long route from a well-paid job to starting a new venture startup. An incredible journey of FreshMenu in aiming solutions to deliver healthy food.

FreshMenu startup

Rashmi Daga always craved setting up a startup while looking for opportunities, and her love for food got her into a food startup. In 2011, she planned to start her venture by researching the million growth histories and making a list of stuff to be done for proper infrastructure. There was too much on Rashmi’s head, like designing a kitchen and picking a chef, and the significant task was to choose a late-night delivery service provider. Altogether she set up her dream startup just in 30 days and finally launched for official service in October 2014.

The initial business took hype in delivering the chef-cooked, freshly made food to doorsteps. That excited the consumers to order more and around the varieties of options. As the business grew, Daga also focused on the cooking level, ingredients, efficiency of packaging, and spice level. FreshMenu added as a secret tip for growing to heights in the market.

FreshMenu structure

The setting single-ready hit-and-go kitchen expanded over a wide range of around 5 kilometers. FreshMenu categorized itself from all other online food deliveries by enhancing its unique features, such as fresh farm ingredients from the picked vendors.

Moving further, as people seek change, they update their menu as a daily routine prepared by highly trained and certified chefs. Moreover, choose among varieties of cuisines and try the dishes around the world that brings customers back to FreshMenu if not daily but twice to thrice a week at least. Your craving food, no worries, delivery is on time within 45 minutes. Concludes that food is just package of tasty and healthy when you want.

Each meal is a package for lunch and dinner that includes cuisines like Italian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, American, and Thai, among others. With all these, within years, it picked up revenue of 72 crores, a 118 percent growth.

About Rashmi Daga

A woman-empowered leader who built the great organization considerably is Rashmi Daga, born in 1980 in Kolkata. She graduated from Delhi College of Engineering in the Electrical Engineering department, did PGDM from IIM-Ahmedabad, and completed her MBA from the IIM-Ahmedabad in 2003. Before starting the startup, she worked at IBM, Johnson & Johnson Ltd, TutorVista,, SVP sales, and Olacabs. But she quit her job and started a fine-dining food business with her enthusiasm for building her empire.

Rashmi Daga – Founder of FreshMenu

She always stayed focused and paid attention to detail. And as the owner took care of all aspects in each operation intensively, and watched 365-days-a-year business.” Initially, she self-delivered the food to get live feed on the food and suggested that’s how she stands as a successful entrepreneur.

Funding and investment

This venture is by investors like Zodius Technology Fund and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Since starting around nine rounds, the organization has raised $32.4M in funding. It also plans to increase its marketing spending to 8-10% of revenue post fundraise.

Present FreshMenu

The company extended to 27+ kitchens in three years, with 500+ staff members escalating to 700+ delivery personnel and planning to add many other sub-brands to attract more customers. Escalated the deliveries to 12,000 orders a day and ten cities, adding to the present 200 cities in India. FreshMenu is successfully driving management strategy and sales at retail and institution levels. FreshMenu stands as an example to non-perfectionists to try things out to never miss out on opportunities to become entrepreneurs.

FreshMenu revenue according to 2022?

According to 2022, $32.4 million.

Who are the competitors of Freshmenu?

Competitors of FreshMenu include Swiggy, CloudKitchens, and McColl’s.

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