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Giorgio Armani | Success Story of the Leading Fashion House



Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani, better known as Armani, is one of the world’s most prestigious fashion brands. The brand has provided its customers with fashion and leisure products for over four decades. Giorgio Armani produces, designs, and distributes a wide range of haute couture, ready-to-wear, homeware, eyewear, accessories, leather goods, and perfumes. The brand is famous for its excellent craftsmanship, elegant design, sustainability, and usage of top-quality materials. Giorgio Armani rose to fame during the 1980s after launching a line of men’s power suits. 


Giorgio Armani is home to the world’s most prominent brands Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange, Armani Hotels, Armani Dolci, and Armani Baby.  The brand has over 500 stores worldwide. The fashion industry considers it one of the most valuable brands globally. A-list celebrities like David Beckham, Shawn Mendes, Adele, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, Will Smith, Zendaya, and Lady Gaga have endorsed the brand. Giorgio Armani has collaborated with top brands like Ferrari, Reebok, Vespa, Samsung, and Bayern Munich.


On the 11th of July 1934, Giorgio Armani was born in Piacenza, Italy. His father, Ugo Armani, worked as an accountant for a transport company. Giorgio’s mother, Maria Raimondi, was one of his earliest inspirations. She was a beautiful and elegant lady. Giorgio had two siblings. He grew up in a middle-class family. Growing up during the Second World War, things weren’t easy for Giorgio and his siblings. The family struggled to make ends meet. From an early age, Giorgio developed a liking for human anatomy. He used to make mud dolls with hidden coffee beans. Giorgio and his brother Sergio often made wooden puppets and did puppet shows. Young Giorgio used to dress up the wooden dolls with clothes he found through scavenging.

Once the brothers held a puppet show in town with a priest’s help. They made over one hundred tickets for the show. However, due to the approaching war conditions, it got canceled. Giorgio grew up in severe conditions. But he was always enthusiastic. For schooling, he attended the Liceo Scientifico school in Milan. During his secondary school years, Giorgio decided to pursue a career in medicine. In 1950, he enrolled at the University of Milan to study medicine. Giorgio studied for over two years at university. In 1953, Giorgio took a break from his college to complete his mandatory military training. For the next two years, he served in the military. While in service, Giorgio got a twenty-day-long holiday. He went on a vacation to Milan. In Milan, he started inclining toward fashion.

Establishment of Giorgio Armani Brand

In 1957, Giorgio abandoned his studies to follow a different career path. With the help of a friend, he got a job at La Rinascente in Milan. It was one of the most prestigious department stores in Europe. At La Rinascente, Giorgio worked as a display assistant. After that, he took the seller’s position in the menswear department. While working at the store, Giorgio learned about the marketing techniques of the fashion industry. The experience helped him gain valuable knowledge. Giorgio spent several years at La Rinascente before moving to the Nino Cerutti company. During the mid-1960s, Giorgio began designing men’s clothing. He worked at Cerutti for nearly a decade. Simultaneously, Giorgio started freelancing. His designs began gaining recognition during the early 1970s. Around the same time, Giorgio met Sergio Galeotti. 

Sergio worked as an architectural draftsman. The two got along well. By 1973, Girogio was designing clothes for over ten manufacturers. As a result, Sergio convinced Giorgio to set up his design office. For two years, Giorgio continued to create apparel for renowned brands like Bagutta, Hilton, Sicons, Montedoro, and Allegri. He gained considerable experience in the clothing industry through these collaborations. Simultaneously, international media started noticing Giorgio’s work after a runway show in Florence. Consequently, on the 24th of July 1975, Giorgio and Sergio founded the fashion label Giorgio Armani.

Initial Years

Giorgio Armani launched its first ready-to-wear line for men in October 1975. Giorgio had designed the line for Spring and Summer 1976 season. For the same season, he created a womenswear line. The womenswear collection consisted of elegant tweed jackets and pleated skirts. Within five years of establishment, the brand became a household name. It signed a licensing deal with L’Oreal to produce and distribute perfumes, beauty products, and cosmetics. In 1980, famous American actor Richard Gere wore Armani’s clothing in his film American Gigolo. As a result, many celebrities started wearing the brand. During the 1980s, Armani ventured into two new fields. It started producing eyewear and opened a restaurant in London, England. 

Worldwide Recognition

In the early 1980s, Giorgio Armani launched Emporio Armani. It focused on trendy and modern outfits. 1991 marked the launch of one of Armani’s most successful brands, Armani Exchange. It was more accessible compared to the two former brands. Armani Exchange sold fashion and lifestyle products inspired by dance and street culture. By the end of the 20th century, Giorgio Armani and its sub-brands had over 200 stores worldwide. Simultaneously, it surpassed annual sales worth $2 billion. During the 2000s, it became one of the fashion industry’s most powerful brands. From politicians to sportspeople, Armani became a celebrity favorite. In 2021, the brand raised revenue worth $4 billion. Giorgio Armani has remained a top fashion brand for over four decades with its classy and sustainable design.

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Who founded Giorgio Armani?

Giorgio Armani and his friend Sergio Galeotti founded the brand in 1975. Before establishing the brand, Giorgio worked as a freelancer designer for many brands. After gaining considerable recognition in the industry, he decided to launch his label.

What is the net worth of the Armani brand?

The Armani brand’s net worth is estimated to be $3.3 billion. It is home to ten luxury sub-brands. For over four decades, the brand has provided its customers with high-end fashion and leisure products.

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