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Harrison Ford | Failure is the secret of success




Harrison Ford is an American actor, pilot, and environmental activist. It took a dozen years to become an overnight sensation. He put in a lot of hard work and effort to make it to fame. He had to walk past his fair share of failures but he didn’t give up. Harrison faced rejections and hurdles but his persistent hard work and confidence aided him immensely in his journey. Now he is one of the most recognizable and bankable film stars in the world.

Harrison Ford’s early struggles :

Harrison Ford strongly believes that his passion and quality of dedication helped him achieve success despite the challenges that came up his way. When he first came to Hollywood in late 1964, he didn’t even know the names of the movie studios. He tried auditioning with a Columbia Studios casting director. However the interview was not a smashing success. He was rejected during his earlier days but he kept on trying. Initially he wasn’t able to make a lot of money and found it very difficult to make ends meet.

Ford was ready to put in his maximum to follow his passion and began working in summer stock, doing everything from building sets to acting. “I chose acting primarily because it is a place where I found a sense of purpose and I had the ability and the agility for it, but it was a long time before I was successful at it,” Ford says. “I had an ambition to do what I ended up doing, and persisted when others had said I couldn’t do it. There were a lot of people I worked with in that same time period who gave up. But I prevailed and tenacity was a big part of the reason. I didn’t give up. I didn’t quit.” He was very much determined to accomplish his dreams.

He worked on acting but also did odd jobs to take care of his family. Stubbornness is another major thing that has been the boosting power in his journey to success. Despite the several hardships that came up his way he never gave up on his passion for acting. After the struggles any person would have easily give up but Harrison was very much persistent. He kept putting in more efforts and learnt a new thing from each of the rejections he faced. Never be afraid to fail. Harrison Ford also encountered several setbacks but what matters is facing and overcoming all of these with confidence.

Life lessons from Harrison Ford’s life :

The major lesson from Harrison Ford’s life is to keep following your passion. Hurdles and challenges are meant to be a part of life. But we should be motivated enough to overcome these. Failures and setback do not define ones life. Be ready to take risks and never give up in life. He was passionate and determined. When you have a consistent vision and goal, work hard to achieve it. Persistence is the key to success. Success is not too far when your are determined.

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What is Harrison Ford's most famous role?

Harrison Ford, (born July 13, 1942, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.), American actor, perhaps best known for playing charismatic rogues in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones film franchises.

How wealthy is Harrison Ford?

As of 2021, Harrison Ford’s net worth is $300 million.

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