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Loewe |A famous luxury world’s leading leather brand fashion house




Fashion is expandable as long as the human brain can think deeper about uniqueness. Over the years, so many brands came up and led the world in the manner some went off without sign. Its quality, unique designs, and exclusivity make any brand icon of fashion worldwide. With a great ambition to create its fashion brand, Heinrich Loewe Rössberg started a Loewe luxury fashion house. It has grown beyond Spanish public standing as an international brand from a local retailer. But how did it get there? See the below story.

Loewe set up

In 1846 in Madrid, started by a group of Spanish leather craftsmen. But the brand came into existence when German craftsman Loewe y Roessberg joined these craftsmen. Officially it set out as a brand and originated in 1876. As things started taking shape, leather craftsmanship became famous in the capital of Spain. Further, in the early 1900s royal family started doing business with Loewe. A newly crowned king In 1905, Queen Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia took particular interest. Hence Loewe was recognized as Royal Warrant of Appointment, retailer for the royal house.
In 1945 José Pérez de Rozas, the new creative director, bought international fame with a brand new collection in the fashion house, which gained much more. Furthermore opened a store in countries such as England and Japan.
Later in 1970, It expanded its products range in perfumes and other fashion creations. Further designed women’s collection by Giorgio Armani and Laura Biagiotti.

International growth Loewe with LVMH

In 1996 LVMH acquired Loewe; a year back, it helped in international expansion. It represented its brand on the Paris runway for the fall/winter 1998 season.
In 2013 Jonathan Anderson took over and ran a series of publicity campaigns for the still-life with Steven Meisel and Damien Ropero. Eventually, the company concentrated on handbags and leather apparel. As a special present, Queen Sofía and Queen Letizia also followed the fashion of Loewe and spotted them wearing it’s handbags often.

Loewe’s fashion style

The brand has set its major unique stereotype infamous events such as Amazona bag symbol of women’s empowerment according to Greek wars. And it also supported great personalities with a signature such as Ava Gardner products, majorly known for leather bags.
Along with signature clothing and accessories, the brand also launched its significant fragrance in perfumes. Both men and women have their lines, but with classic fragrances for women, Solo Loewe Ella (DIVINE-589) and their popular Aire de Loewe (DIVINE-105).

The brand’s most recognizable and iconic handbag comes in a Puzzle with a cuboid shape, with more unique designs. These bags have a specialty in wearing, such as shoulder bag, elbow satchel, clutch, messenger backpack, and crossbody sling.


To support cultural events and exhibitions, a young Loewe y Lynch launched Loewe Foundation, a private cultural foundation. Another year it received Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts from the Spanish government 2002. Later, they established Loewe Foundation Craft Prize to encourage young talents in 2017.


Loewe is known as a Royal supplier. Since then, popularity increased, and uniqueness in artisans doubled, resulting in the world’s first international award for contemporary craft. It is LVMH’s oldest luxury fashion house. During the following years until today, the brand has had great creativity. With a fascinating touch of leather of unrivaled sheen, suppleness and softness are now infused with modern glamor to bring up the hype in the brand.

What is the Loewe's net worth?

Loewe fashion brand net worth 184 Million Million dollars.

Who is the current CEO of Loewe?

Pascale Lepoivre, CEO of the Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe. 

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