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Nestle | Success of 150 years old food and beverage company




Nestle is a Swiss multinational corporation based on food and drinks. The company is headquartered in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. The company is ruling the food industry for the last 150 years. It is said to be the largest food company in the world.


Nestle was founded in the year 1905 by the merger of Anglo-Swiss Milk company. The company was established in 1866 by George and Charles Page, and Farine Lactee Henri Nestle, founded by Henri Nestle. The company saw growth during the first world war and also again during the second world war. After the company witnessed the growth the started expanding its offering beyond infant food and milk products.


The company saw early success because of its investment in science-based products and modern factories were efficient. Railways gave Nestle access to urban markets worldwide. The company also used modern advertising media which are newspapers, magazines, billboards, flyers and posters to reach the masses and educate the people. The company used media to let people know about their products and also their benefits like nutrition, affordability, quality and many more.
One of the main reasons behind Nestle’s growth was its convenience. Because people demanded foods which were easy to prepare during the war. By the late 1940s people almost started their day with Nescafe as they launched the world’s first instant coffee. The instant coffee was great for the taste and used to get ready by adding hot water. Nescafe also introduced Nesquik which was a cocoa powder that dissolves easily in cold milk. By the end of the 1960s, Nestle launched ready meals in cans. Maggi pasta was the product that became hugely successful.


Nestle presently has over 2000 brands which include coffee, milkshakes, instant foods, chocolates, soups, sauces and many more. In the year 2019, the company also entered plant-based food production. A few of the famous brands of Nestle are Nescafe which is the instant coffee brand launched in the late 1940s. Nestle diversified its business and came up with the most popular Maggi. In the year 1973, the company launched its chocolate brand KitKat which is no doubt one of the favourites and loved chocolate brands among the customers. Nestle also sells ice cream, baby food, and milk products. Frozen foods and many more.


Nestle has sponsored many events like music, and sports events. Nestlé has been an extended sponsor of the Beijing Music Festival for 11 years since 2000. In the year 2010, Nestlé and the Beijing Music Festival signed an agreement to extend by three years Nestlé’s sponsorship of this international music festival. Nestle-sponsored Tour de France began in 2001. Nestlé supports the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) on a number of nutrition and fitness fronts, funding a Fellowship position in AIS Sports Nutrition. The company was the main sponsor for the Great Britain Lionesses Women’s rugby league in the year 2002.

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What is Nestle known for?

Nestle is known for its wide variety of food and beverage products under some of the country’s well-known brands such as Nescafe, Nido, Milo, Nestea, Maggi, Bear Brand, and others

Is Nestle and Starbucks related?

Nestle and Starbucks signed a global licensing deal in the year 2018 that granted Nestle the perpetual rights to market Starbucks packaged coffee and food service products globally.

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