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Prem Ganapathy | The success story of the founder of Dosa Plaza



Prem Ganapathy is an Indian entrepreneur and the founder of Dosa Plaza, a restaurant chain. The chain currently has 72 outlets in India, Oman, New Zealand, and the UAE. The restaurant offers 105 varieties of dosas to its customers. Born in a small village in Tamil Nadu, Ganapathy started his business with a meager investment. His story is very inspiring as it shows us that hard work, dedication, and passion are the keys to success. Here’s Prem Ganapathy’s rags to riches success story. 

Early life and struggles

Prem Ganapathy was born in a small village called Nagalapuram in the Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu. After finishing 10th standard, he left school and moved to Chennai in search of a job. After working multiple jobs in Chennai and trying to support his family, he ran away to Mumbai in 1990. Unfortunately, he faced several challenges during his initial days in Mumbai. Ganapathy had no money and didn’t know the local language. He failed to find a job and was stranded. One day, a Tamil family saw him and helped him find a job. Finally, he got a job and washed the dishes at a bakery. 

Ganapathy did not lose hope and started working at other restaurants and bakeries to earn money. He had finally saved some money after two years and decided to start his own business. With a meager investment of Rs. 1000, Prem Ganapathy started selling dosas. He rented a shop in 1997 and offered a wide variety of dosas to his customers. He wanted to stand out and create something different. In 2003, Ganapathy opened his first outlet in a mall located in Vashi, Mumbai. After this, there was no looking back. From having no money to starting his own business, Ganapathy worked hard to make his dreams come true. 

The success of Dosa Plaza

What made Ganapathy’s dosa business stand out from the rest was his wide variety of dosas. He introduced dosas such as Schezwan Dosa, Paneer Chilli Dosa, and Spring Roll Dosa. Currently, his restaurants offer 105 varieties of dosas. By 2005, Dosa Plala had outlets in 7 different locations in India. In 2008, Ganapathy entered the international market and opened outlets in New Zealand. In 2011, he opened his first store in Dubai, UAE. Currently, the restaurant chain has 72 outlets in India, Oman, New Zealand, and the UAE. He turned his Rs. 1000 business into Rs. 30 crores with hard work and determination. 

Prem Ganapathy’s success story

When he first came to Bombay, Prem Ganapathy had nothing. He struggled to make any money and couldn’t communicate with the localities. But with hard work, dedication, and determination, he set up his brand. He worked hard for two years to save money and open his own business. Ganapathy’s story is an inspiration to many. It teaches us that hard work is the key to success. We should always believe in our dreams and never give up. Secondly, we should also try to learn from our past mistakes. If we are passionate enough about our goals, then anything is possible. 

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When did Prem Ganapathy start Dosa Plaza?

He founded his business in 1997.

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