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Sarvesh Agrawal | A man who made internships on hands with Internshala 



Sarvesh Agarwal

Everything in life is learned in small steps, whether professional or personal. And looking firmly, no industry needs to root everyone to seek well-leaned candidates. Hence unemployment is rising in India to give full stop or reduce the new inventions that have come into existence. Gaining early experience in working as a professional is easy nowadays. Internships are a perfect way to gain practical learning, polish their skills, and add work experience to their resumes. Internshala is one such online platform that helps in gaining expertise professionally. Which is founded by Sarvesh Agrawal.

The early life of Sarvesh Agrawal

Sarvesh Agrawal was born and brought to his hometown, Nawalgarh, Rajasthan, India. Being from the family of Marwari who used to do oil mill business. And they wanted their elder son Sarvesh to take up the same. But Savesh decided to move to the engineering field at his friend’s suggestion.

Initial studying he completed from the home town itself further after 12th he studied hard to get into IIT Roorkee. And finally, he joined and graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in 2006, where he studied for his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering.

Sarvesh Agrawal Career 

Building an emperor should be part of it is crucial, so initially, he worked in some companies, such as Capital One in Nottingham, the UK as a business analyst in the product innovation team. Then in 2008 joined Barclays Bank as he was back in India in the credit card analytics division. Further, Aviva Life Insurance’s India business in Gurgaon set up the Business Analytics team in 2010.

Born in a business family, he always wanted to construct independently. He benefitted in both education and technology, mulling over opportunities that could see most graduates lack the necessary practical and soft skills required to succeed in a global corporate environment. One way to solve this is by providing essential technical and soft skills that companies needed, that would be through internships.

Thus he came up with Internshala in 2011 while working in Aviva he took it up as a side project. Gradually working on it after the initial setup, he quit his corporate job and took up Internshala full time. 

Internshala growth

Working alone on a project carrying out all the responsibilities of the founder as CEO was hectic, so he hired a few interns to work remotely. Initially, it started as a blog in WordPress, collecting various internship details and posting it as a blog, students found it helpful, and traffic increased asking the way to register and join. So, it built a website, and as the first business, IBM came across advertising the training program. Since then, revenue started increasing as companies started registering, and the traffic rose. Students got hired with stipends. 

Now it is one of the online internship portals that students from all over India access. Having different education streams, can search and apply for various internships. And also can choose their choice of organizations, Startups, Corporates, SMEs, NGOs, and Education Institutes, and reach out and hire university students all over India. 

Recently it is also providing summer and winter programs that offer educational training programs to enhance the student’s ability and skills with minimal fees and significant discounts.

Youngster inspiration 

Laying an outstanding firm of opportunity for youngsters to shape their careers, helping them choose areas of interest with various chances, was a great startup idea. He stands as an inspiration to many to never give up on dreams, even if it takes years to achieve them. Think of people money comes in your way. This moto helped him measure a business’s success and the human face of the company that made him grow and be a face of an entrepreneur. Below attached self-briefed video of his own words of the successful story

How Agrawal took up internshala?

In 2010, Internshala was founded it turned up into Rs.100 Crore plus startup. Now it is the largest fool of internship in terms of users and traffic.

Net worth of Sarvesh Agrawal?

Approximately is 3 crore per year that generated by the website.

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