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Shruti Sharma | Success story of UPSC CSE 2022 Rank 1



Shruti Sharma

Shruti Sharma has secured rank 1 in UPSC civil service examination 2021- 2022. She is ready to serve the nation by choosing to work for the administration. Let’s read the story of becoming an IAS officer.

Shruti Sharma Biography

Shruti Sharma was born in Dhampur, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. Her father’s name is Sunil Dutt Sharma, who is an architect and owns a consultation consulting firm in Delhi. He also looks after Bal Gyan Niketan School (a local school) in his native village. It can be said that Shruti has learned the spirit to give back to society from her father. Her mother’s name is Rachna Sharma, a former teacher. Shruti went to Sardar Patel Vidyalaya for her schooling. She was a good student there. Apart from academics, Shruti also participated in several co-curricular activities such as debates, organizing events, etc. She was also appointed as student executive and secretary of cultural affairs in her school. Afterward, at the time of her college, again, she was part of various types of debates namely conventional debate, parliamentary debate, etc. Subsequently, she has done BA in history honors from St. Stephen’s College. She has done her master’s in sociology at Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi.

Shruti Sharma Struggles

Most of the members of Shruti’s family were either doctors or engineers. She was having no guidance from her family. Additionally, Shruti’s decision to choose an art stream was very odd as per her family background. Although her cousins chose the medical stream, Shruti was resolved to her decision. Shruti does not want to opt for a high-cost coaching institute. As she does not want to put any financial burden on her family. Hence she appeared at Jamia Millia Islamia Residential Coaching Academy Entrance and got admission. Self-study is the key to clearing any entrance, Shruti thinks. Hence, She has put in a lot of self-study to crack the exam.

Shruti Sharma’s strategy for UPSC

Shruti’s strategy for UPSC was quite simple. She kept her resources limited. She referred to only standard books. According to her, basic NCERT books are necessary and enough to clear the exam. She believes that limited resources with multiple revisions can yield miraculous results.

Her strategy for optional subjects was also very simple, she opted for a subject of her background i.e. history. She read history thoroughly throughout her graduation. She read it up to a level where she felt confident about it for UPSC.

Shruti Sharma UPSC success

Shruti’s preparation for UPSC started right from the very beginning of her college life. She has opted for the same subject in her graduation and as an optional subject in UPSC. She was also interested in history since her school. Shruti was very clear while she entered the college that she is going to give UPSC. She started reading history thoroughly for optional. Shruti came to know about Jamia Millia Islamia residential coaching Academy while she was doing her graduation at JNU. Then she appeared for the entrance test of Jamia’s residential coaching. And join the coaching later for UPSC preparation.

Life lesson for us

  • To achieve any goal, you should start earlier than others to win the competition.
  • Personalize your strategy so that it suits your goal.
  • Never look at what others are having on their plate. We all have different lives, so our approach to dealing with a problem should be different and personalized.

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Who is Shruti Sharma?

Shruti Sharma has cleared the UPSC CSE examination with a rank of 1. She has done her graduation with history honors from JNU.

Who is UPSC CSE 2022 rank 1?

For sessions 2021- 2022, Shruti Sharma got the first rank in UPSC CSE.

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