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Sundar Pichai from 0 to Ceo of Alphabet




Sundar Pichai

Google shocked the world by the announcement of appointment new CEO on 10 August 2015. It’s become a proud moment for the Indian community to see an Indian person to become a CEO of such a big company. Today we are talking about a personal story which achieves nothing to everything yes it is ex CEO of Google and current CEO of alphabet Sundar Pichai. His full name is Pichai Sundararajan.

This is the journey from being an engineer to CEO of the Alphabet. You can say Sundar Pichai is one Man army in the market of entrepreneurship and business. He is not an ordinary guy. Sundar Pichai did his engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, and the higher study from Stanford University. If we talk about money, so his net worth is 600 million dollars. Isn’t a fantastic success? But did you know the failure before this? Let me tell you.

When he did his BTech from IIT, and he decided to go us for higher study, his father spends the equivalent of a year’s salary on his plane ticket.

Sundar Pichai was born on 10 June 1972 in Madurai, is a city of Tamilnadu in India. Well, Pichai belongs from a graduated family. His father was an engineer and mother stenographer.

Google was not his first job. Sundar Pichai worked as a project manager at Applied Materials. Also, work at McKinsey, But Sundar Pichai knew his value, he knew he is not born for this. His dedication was on another level. In 2004 Sundar Pichai joined Google.

We all love Google; we all knew its world’s largest search engine. But did you know the man behind his success?

Sundar Pichai Google in 2004. Is the first big project with Google was Gmail. The fun fact is it was launched on 1 April, so most of the people thought it is just a prank. Gmail become most minded Google product at that time.

But the biggest mountain question was in front of Google. Those days internet explorer was the popular internet browser. In which bing was the default search engine. Sundar was responsible for coming up with response tech solution, gives an idea of Google toolbar that enable PC makers to install it directly on their PC and browser. But it was not good enough. He didn’t give up and decided to create his own Google browser.

He discusses this idea with Google authority member, but they all deny his proposal, even Google ex CEO Eric told it would be expensive to create a dedicated browser. It was the rejection from CEO, in this ordinary people will give up definitely. But Sundar is different from others. He approaches direct co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey brin to launch own browser.

Finally, the permission of co-founders launches Google Chrome in 2008. It was a great success for Google. People started switching their browser from internet explorer to Chrome. Nowadays, we use internet explorer to download Chrome only. After all this Sundar Pichai became an international known figure personality.

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Even Sundar Pichai was approached by Twitter to come on board as their vice president of product. Moreover, Twitter offers the CEO post for him. But he remains Googler. At that time, Google was planning to create a parent company AS alphabet. To retain him and keep him on staff, Sundar was announced as the new CEO of Google, which is the biggest company under alphabet. And finally, in 2020 Sunder become CEO of Alphabet. According to professionals, Sundar Pichai is very flexible with a keen eye for the product. He is an inspiration for all over the world.

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