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Supam Maheshwari | Successful multiple unicorn startups founder



Supam Maheshwari

Being a mother might be easy, but raising a child wouldn’t be such a simple job. Not only does the mother’s entire family struggle from taking care of safety to protection. That requires a lot of products and things to purchase and arrange before and after being a child born. There are various options to buy products from different sites, which causes a significant problem in choosing a brand. Hence Supam Maheshwari, with the advantage of the opportunity in baby care products, came with Firstcry business with the best brands. With this started, e-commerce baby care products shop online and offline. To know how it went, let’s see the journey of the Supam.

The early life of Supam Maheshwari

Supam was born in 1974 and completed schooling at Apeejay School. He did his Bachelors in Engineering, specializing in Mechanical (1991-1995) from Delhi College of Engineering. He later did PGDM (1995-1997) from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.
It needs the courage to stand out from the family strategy of earning and living to invest and live. Supam belongs to the support category and is the first to start a venture into the entrepreneurial industry. Interestingly he doesn’t hold any professional background or experience. Soon after his management course, along with colleague Amitava, he started his first business.


As begin he co-founded his first startup Brainvisa Technologies in 2000. The technology mainly focused on tech-based e-learning platforms boosting business strategies with effective education as one of the most comprehensive e-learning solutions expanded overseas to many countries such as the USA, Australia, and India. Running for over seven years and leading as CEO till 2007: The company US-based Indecomm Global services for $25 million. Even after that, Supam Maheshwari held organization-level activities over the years and finally moved on.

Supam Maheshwari – Firstcry

He travels a lot during his under-maintaining service of Brainvisa in the USA. Hence he used to buy baby products from abroad for his newborn daughter, who were typically available in India. Complex tasks gave a super solution to new startups, a deficiency to the efficiency of entrepreneurship.
Hence began his research and found an approximate turnover of about Rs.50,000 Cr, and 95% of these sales were offline. Finally, physical shape took INR 2.5 Crore from their savings to launch the company in 2010.
Eventually, with the first educational acquisition of Oi Playschool and Baby Oye, it earned INR 362 Crore. Later with different products such as Baby Hug and Cute Walk, which related to footwear, the company’s revenue increased by 20%.
It also tied up with 6000 hospitals in giving a token of presentation to the newborn child as Firstcry boxes. Firstcry revenue as of 2022 seems to be $230.64 mn, and funding to be $582 mn. With an overall evaluation to be $1.9 bn. Hence in 2022, it was recognized as Unicorn Startup.

Supam Maheshwari – Startups

Before Firstcry, Supam and Amitava built BrainBees solutions, and as wings of it started Firstcry initially. Later in 2011 came, an online store for home and personal care products.
Followingly started Xpressbees, an offline retailer, to initiate online stores to fulfill its Firstcry products order. He gradually started to pick a third-party order in 2015. Xpressbees reached a valuation of $1.2 billion in 2022, so it lost as a Unicorn Startup.

Personal life

Supam Maheshwari is highly readable and loves to watch movies, run, and plays squash. He stayed in Pune with his family, including his wife and a daughter. Along with years of experience, he is known for his mentorship. Child Awards at Delhi recognized his Firstcry as a “Most Popular Online Site.”


Many startup ideas fail more experienced in the IT industry and business management. But Supam Maheshwari proved that the right strategy with little effort and chance to grab opportunity could bring up the best career. A great businessman like Ratan Tata has funded his Firstcry business. Maheshwari showed the way to the entrepreneur world by learning where the market is moving forward to earn and what people lack in strategy.

Supam Maheshwari's total net worth?

Supam Maheshwari’s Net worth is USD 350M as of 2016.

Who is supam Maheshwari?

Supam Maheshwari serves as the baby care firm’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), FirstCry, based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. He is a first-generation entrepreneur who has a strong business mindset. He is a brilliant executioner and is well known for his leadership skills.

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