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Terry Gross | An inspirational success story



Terry Gross
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Terry Gross is the host and an executive producer of Fresh Air, the award-winning interview show on National Public Radio. She walked past several failures throughout her journey. But she held her head high and learnt from her rejections. These aided her significantly in carving her tremendous success story. Gross has been hosting since 1975—more than half her life—talking to a wide range of guests, from Al Green to David Sedaris to Jimmy Carter. She has exceptionally made a mark for herself in her field of expertise. But this didn’t happen overnight. Her success story is truly an inspiration to people who are striving to reach their goals.

Terry Gross’s early failures :

In college Terry Gross thought she wanted to be a writer, and then she realized that her writing wasn’t nearly good enough to justify that ambition. But she didn’t let herself give up. She went ahead looking for her other interest and talents. Terry Gross figured she would become a teacher. She chose this not because she felt called to teach but because she knew how to do that. She thought there wouldn’t be insurmountable obstacles to getting a job. But unfortunately she failed as a teacher. It was constant chaos in the classroom. The authorities fired her. Terry desperately wanted to quit, but she was afraid to. She heard a voice in my head, it was my mother’s—saying, ‘Don’t be a quitter.’

Terry Gross went ahead to find her passion again. She had this vague idea she’d like to get into media, but she didn’t know how to get started. She just stumbled into public radio because she had time and because she was looking. Had she still been teaching, she never, ever would have found it. It’s possible she would have become an adequate teacher. But it would have just been her profession, not something she loved doing.

She believes shaped by failure at least as much as shaped by our successes. During her guest show, she likes to talk to them about their failures—not to show them up, but because that’s part of what defines us. Sometimes it’s not the cheery, upbeat lessons that really explain how a person got to be where they are. It’s the things they failed at, the things they tried to do and couldn’t do.

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She walked past all her failures and made it to success. Terry had her major breakthrough with the American radio talk show Fresh Air  broadcasted on National Public Radio stations She never gave up despite the several rejection and setbacks. After completely failing she kept herself still determined to find out what she liked. We’re taught to be afraid of failure. But it’s really not the worst thing if you’re resilient enough to get up and keep going. Sometimes when you fail, it’s for a good reason. She kept chasing her dreams and made it big in life with her persistent efforts and hard work.

Life lessons from Terry Gross’s life :

Major life lesson from Terry Gross is that there’s no need to be a know-it-all. She reminds us all that no matter how smart you are, you can still stand to be humble. If there’s one thing we can all take away from Terry Gross’s long, impressive career, it’s that there’s always room to learn. “I’ve always been really curious about things and slightly confused by the world, and I think someone who feels that way is in a good position to be the one asking questions,” she has explained. Never be afraid to fail. Failures and rejections are a part of life and what matters more is how we overcome these and make it to success. Pave your success story with utmost persistence and confidence.

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How old is Terry Gross?

70 years (14 February 1951)

How much does Terry Gross make a year?

“Fresh Air,” which airs on more than 500 stations and attracts nearly 5 million listeners each week, has made Gross a wealthy woman. In 2017, NPR’s biggest star received a 10 percent pay bump, making her annual salary jump from $320K to $331K. Her estimated net worth, as reported by Idol Net Worth, is $15 million.

Does Terry Gross still host fresh air?

It is produced by WHYY-FM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The show’s host is Terry Gross. As of 2017, the show was syndicated to 624 stations and claimed nearly 5 million listeners.

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