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Viraj Ghelani | Success story of the talented content creator




Viraj Ghelani is one of the well-known Indian Standup Comedian and Content makers in one of the famous Indian YouTube Channel Filter Copy. Brought up in Maharashtra, India, Viraj began his vocation as a Standup Comedian, and as of now, he shows up in numerous YouTube recordings on Filter Copy YouTube channel.

He graduated with an engineering degree. However, Viraj wanted to become an entertainer and accomplish something else from the training field. Toward the start of his profession, he used to transfer his recordings on Instagram, which turned out to be so famous, and get from Filtercopy YouTube channel to work with them, which changed his vocation to Content Creator in YouTube.

Early Life of Viraj Gehlani

In the InfluencerCon 2019, he said different offspring of his age were anxious to be acceptable in the school. However, he could never ruin a chance to tell a wisecrack. He grew up in Maharashtra, India. Viraj loves to carry grins to individuals’ countenances. He even clarified how it fundamentally impacts lives.

He said, “You know why I like to tell wisecracks or be amusing? Sometimes, our family went through difficulties in the past, and there was nobody to welcome a grin on our countenances or give us help from the unfortunate circumstance we were in.”

Viraj was more captivated with the extra-curricular exercises than considering and scoring grades as a youngster. However, because of cultural tension, he was selected for the polytechnic and got a certificate in Engineering. He would not like to proceed and do graduation in Engineering.

Viraj Ghelani

Around then, the film ‘3 idiots’ had delivered, and he identified with Farhan to a different degree. Viraj chooses to ask his folks for authorization to allow him to do what he needs to. He likewise set the cutoff time for a long time. Viraj is from a modest foundation, and choosing this vocation was intense for him as the majority of the working class Indian families don’t endorse such temperamental choices for living.

Success story

After settling on this decision, he needed to persuade his folks and battle with the additional strain from his family members and neighbors. However, some of his companions were effective in their picked fields, so this was one more issue to manage since the family will discuss this. When he began tryouts, he confronted a lot of dismissals. He was confounded and was taking a stab at everything. In 2013-14, he made some Snapchat recordings which were a gigantic fury.

Top organization Buzzfeed recorded him as one of the prominent 20 individuals to follow on Snapchat, which gave him certainty. However, that was not it; he had almost no time stayed to substantiate himself. Finally, in 2016, he got a call from Filtercopy, and the rest is the set of experiences. Viraj began as a web-based media overseer and extremely quickly advanced as a Content Editor of Filtercopy. He has prearranged numerous channel recordings, which have circulated the web.

He is incredibly appreciative of the organization for what he is today. Viraj has likewise shown up in different Web series, including easily overlooked details, Khan Daan and Manav. Presently he is the substance maker on the Filter Copy YouTube channel and has likewise made his introduction in channel recordings.

Recent Works

Viraj starred in the Netflix series ‘Little Things’ in 2016, produced by Art Department. Also, in 2019, he was part of the web series ‘What the Folks’, where he played the role of a delivery boy. In 2022, he acted in Panchayat season 2 which is available on AmazonMinitv. Also did a show in partner with Amazon pay “Pay you way” it’s around 6 episodes. Nowadays he is very active on different social media with reels, and shorts on Youtube that show he never fails to entertain. In recent times he is awarded “The Entertain of the year award” on May 27.

Viraj has been famous for his funny comic roles, and with that, he also started to share reels on Instagram with his own created content. Like YouTube, his fans liked his range and sense of comedy. Now he owns around 854k Followers and 1,562 Posts on Instagram. With recognition from Forbes 2022, he was listed among the “Top 100 Digital Stars list.”

Life lessons from Viraj Ghelani

Viraj Ghelani went ahead, chasing his dream without a doubt in himself. He didn’t settle for less. He wanted to do what made him happy. Always be confident enough to achieve what you dream. Failures are a part of life, so never let them pull you back. Success never is too far in life when you are determined and hard-working. Keep chasing your dreams and prove yourself to the world.

pay your way – episodes 1

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Where was Viraj Ghelani born?

Viraj Ghelani was born and raised in Maharashtra, India. 

How tall is Viraj Ghelani?

 Viraj Ghelani is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

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