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Apple | Success Story of the $3 Trillion Multinational Company



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Apple is an American multinational technology company founded by Steve Jobs, Ronal Wayne, and Steve Wozniak on 1 April 1976 as Apple Computer Company. It is the fourth-largest computer company and second-largest mobile manufacturer. The company was given a value of $3 trillion in January 2022. Its headquarters are located in Cupertino, California known as Apple Park.

About The Founders

The three founders of Apple

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 in San Francisco. He was shortly adopted after his birth by a Syrian father and a German-American mother. He is an American inventor, entrepreneur, media proprietor, business magnate, and investor. Steve Jobs was the CEO, co-founder, and Chairman of Apple. He was also the Chairman and the majority shareholder of Pixar. Jobs passed away on 5 October 2011.

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak was born on 11 August 1950. He is an American technology investor, inventor, philanthropist, computer engineer, an electronics engineer. In 1976, he was a business partner with Steve Jobs and co-founded Apple. 

Ronald Wayne

Ronald Wayne was born on 17 May 1934 in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the co-founder of Apple because of his partnership with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Ronald Wayne provided documentation and administrative oversight over the new company. After 12 days of co-founding the company, he sold his shares back to Jobs and Wozniak for only $800.

Early Years of Apple

Logo of Apple

Apple was founded on 1 April 1976 by its three founders, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. The company’s first product was a computer wholly designed and hand-built by Wozniak, Apple I. The project was expensive back then, so Jobs and Wozniak had to make some sacrifices to finance it. Steve Jobs sold his only means of transportation, a VW Bus, for a few hundred dollars, and Steve Wozniak sold his HP-65 calculator for $500.

The computer went on sale for $666.6. Steve Wozniak said that he likes repeating digits; that is why the cost had been like this.

During the first five years of operations, the company grew exceptionally. The growth rate almost doubled every four months, the average annual growth rate being 533%. From September 1977 to September 1980, the sales grew from $775,000 to $118 million.

On 16 April 1977, Apple II was came in the market. Steve Wozniak was the designer of the project again.

Apple’s Growth

In 2011, Steve Jobs resigned due to health issues and passed away two months later, and it was the end of an era for Apple. After Steve Jobs, Tim Cook took over as the new CEO of the company.

Under Tim Cook’s leadership, the company launched iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, and these new phones came with the latest artificial intelligent assistant, Siri. iPhone 5 became Apple’s biggest launch ever, with over 2 million pre-orders during the launch.

The 2010s is Apple’s most significant decade ever since its creation. The company has launched many new iPhones, iPads, iMacs, iPods, and smartwatches. In 2016, there were a total of 1 billion Apple users worldwide.

On 6 June 2016, Apple made a feature in the Fortune 500; the list is made based on revenue; it came on the third number with a gain of $233 billion. 

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What is Apple's net worth?

The company’s net worth is $2292.79 billion.

How old is Apple?

Apple is 46 years old.

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