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The success story of Ajey Nagar, also known as CarryMinati



Success story of Ajey Nagar

If you are active on any social media platform, you must have heard about the famous YouTuber CarryMinati. With more than thirty-one million subscribers and an ever-increasing fan base, he is one of India’s youngest and most successful YouTube personalities. Though people know who CarryMinati is, only a few know about his struggles that led him to be known as who he is today. His success story of becoming one of the top YouTubers in India is quite inspirational.

His early life and the beginning of his channel

Today when most of the world is online, YouTube has evolved ten folds as a platform. But this was not the case in 2014. 14-year-old Ajey posted videos on his channel, then known as “Addicted A1”, which had pure gaming-based content. Ajey was active on YouTube since he was eight years old and posted random videos since 2010. But, it was in 2014 that Ajey realized that he might make a career out of YouTube. Kids his age weren’t even aware of the various platforms that the internet had to offer. But, Ajey was gaining experience about content and audience on YouTube.

In an interview with another YouTuber BeerBiceps, Ajey emphasized the importance of gaining experience in any field in life, even if it requires us to move out of our comfort zones. Involvement in his domain at such a young age is what made him what he is today. And the experience is achievable only through hard work.

Since the beginning of his YouTube journey, Ajey’s motive has been to only capture the interest of the Indian audience. And he was well aware of the influence that Bollywood has over Indians. So soon, he started posting gameplay videos along with commentary in Sunny Deol’s voice. This led him to gain a few hundred subscribers and a whole lot of motivation to consider YouTube seriously. He also changed the name of his channel to “CarryDeol.”

His parents and friends were supportive of him. Although, but they had the perception that YouTube is only for fun and cannot be taken seriously as a profession. However, Ajey was set to prove them wrong. His innovative and continuously evolving mind and content are the reason for his success.

The rise of CarryMinati

He evolved his channel drastically when he started posting roast videos along with a gameplay background. Such content was first of its kind in India and made his channel grow and was soon named “CarryMinati.” All this hard work and innovation was being put by him in his videos when he was still in school.

YouTube was his passion and something he thoroughly enjoyed doing, and he was keen on making it his profession. In 2016, he dropped out of school to continue his YouTube career full-time. It must have been a tough decision for him to make, considering how important Indians believe school to be. But his determination to achieve his goals helped him tremendously.

An introvert in real life, Ajey keeps his personal life private from his viewers. In an interview, he mentioned that although he is satisfied with how his career has shaped up, he missed out on various experiences in his life, like not knowing how to drive and college life. He has more than 1.5 billion views on his main channel CarryMinati and over 500 million views on his live gaming channel CarryIsLive. In 2019, TIME’S magazine named him among ten next-generation leaders along with Sweden’s 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg and America’s 35-year-old actor-singer Tessa Thompson.

His story teaches us the importance of evolution today and how continuous efforts and hard work are essential even while following one’s passion.

How many subscribers does CarryMinati have?

31 Million.

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