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Eddie Murphy | The success story of this talented comedian and actor



Eddie Murphy is an American actor, comedian, singer, producer, and writer. He gained recognition after appearing on Saturday Night Live. Murphy was a regular cast member on the show for four years. He also worked as a standup comedian and Comedy Central ranked him at 10 on the list of the 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time. In addition, Murphy is also known for his acting skills and has been nominated for several awards including a Golden Globe and an Oscar. He also became the sixth-highest-grossing actor in 2015. Murphy is also a singer and has released three full studio albums. Eddie Murphy is a man of many talents. Here’s his success story.

Early life

Eddie Murphy was born on April 3, 1961, in Brooklyn, New York City. His mother worked as a telephone operator while his father worked as a transit police officer. In addition, his father was also a comedian and an amateur actor. At the age of eight, Murphy’s father died after a woman stabbed him. After his mother became sick. eight-year-old Murphy lived in foster care with his elder brother. In an interview, Murphy stated that living in foster care helped him develop his sense of humor. After a year, he and his brother lived with their mother and stepfather. 

At the age of 15, Murphy listened to Richard Pryor’s comedy album which inspired him to become a comedian and entertain people. Figures such as Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, and Charlie Chaplin also influenced Murphy. In 1976, he marked the beginning of his career and performed at a talent show. Later, Murphy started working at clubs and performed late-night shifts. However, he started skipping school to do all of this. When his mother found out, Murphy had to attend summer school. 

 Eddie Murphy’s career

In the 1980s, Eddie Murphy rose to fame after appearing on Saturday Night Live. He received several praises for the characters he played on the show. In 1982, he made his film debut with the film 48 Hrs. Later, he starred in the film Trading Places. In 1984, Murphy appeared in the hit film Beverly Hills Cop. The film became the highest-grossing film of 1984 and the highest-grossing comedy of all time. He later reprised his role in Beverly Hills Cop II which grossed over $300 million. By the end of the decade, Eddie Murphy became Hollywood’s biggest box office star. 

Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop

From 1989, Murphy’s films began to decline and did not do well at the box office. His box office success finally began to take off again in 1996 after he appeared in The Nutty Professor. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Murphy appeared in films such as Mulan, Dr. Dolittle, the Shrek series, Daddy Day Care, and many more. In 2007, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the film Little Miss Sunshine. In 2019, Murphy produced and appeared in the film Dolemite Is My Name. It received several critical acclaims and he received a Golden Globe nomination. 

Eddie Murphy’s success story

Eddie Murphy’s success story is very inspiring. From a very young age, he wanted to become a comedian. He is considered to be one of the greatest comedians of all time. Firstly, Hard work is the key to success. It teaches us determination, perseverance, and dedication. Secondly, always learn from your mistakes. Finally, we should always believe in ourselves and never give up. 

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How old is Eddie Murphy?

He is 60 years old.

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