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Hugh Herr | The success story driven by determination



Hugh Herr

Hugh Herr is an ardent and accomplished American rock climber, engineer, and biophysicist. He is an epitome of persistence and determination. His life portrays the determination one needs in life to make it to success. He has gone through a lot in life but not once did he lose his confidence. Hugh always went ahead looking for alternative to live life to the fullest. He life is truly an inspiration to people who get rejected after a mishap. There is always ways to a better one when things go wrong. Never chose to step back.

Hugh Herr’s struggles :

Hugh Herr right from childhood was a prodigy rock climber. At the young age of eight, he had scaled the face of the 11,627-foot Mount Temple in the Canadian Rockies. He was very passionate about this sport and went ahead to chase his dreams. He accomplished a lot at a very tender age in this field. But unfortunately a mishap took place. Herr unfortunately lost his own legs when he was 17. He was ascending Mount Washington in New Hampshire. This happened with another climber. The two men were caught in a blizzard. This disastrous incident changed his life forever. The climbers had suffered severe frostbite and hypothermia because of the frostbite.

Life changed in an instant after this. Despite the doctors trying their best to save Hugh’s leg, the weren’t able to. He had multiple surgeries worked on. This done to clean his tissue and try to restore his circulation. Eventually he had both of his legs were amputated. He wasn’t ready to give up or end life. Hugh wanted to do something great in the memory of the rescuer who lost his life trying to save Hugh Herr.

He was determined to make something remarkable and worked towards etching his name through the pages of history. Hugh went to college and then received advanced degrees from MIT and Harvard. This courses in mechanical engineering and biophysics. Following this he knew what he wanted to do in life. He started working on developing better limb prostheses, He was passionate about going back to his chosen sport of mountain climbing and worked towards making it happen.

New bionics let us run, climb and dance | Hugh Herr - YouTube

Hugh Herr started working on designing his own artificial limbs. He did a lot of trial and error and finally made it happen after years of hard work and persistence. Hugh Herr faced design fails but he wasn’t ready to give up easily. He went on redesigning and successfully after a lot of trying he finally made it happen. Herr used his knowledge of robotics and human physiology usefully. He used these to design life-changing bionic limbs.

This design has improves the lives of several physically challenged people. In 2011, honored as the “Leader of the Bionic Age” for his creation of bionic limbs that mimic the function and movement of natural limbs by the TIME magazine. He is now going ahead to chase his dreams as well. Hugh now uses his set of customized, robotic legs that he uses for rock climbing. He personifies a determined and confident individual. His success journey is truly an inspiration of several people across the globe.

Life lessons from Hugh Herr’s life:

Hugh Herr teaches us to stay confident and motivated despite lives happenings. Life’s uncertain and mishap happen. Never lose heart. Similarly never chose to give up in life. Keep yourself moving forward and keep yourself determined. Struggles and fall backs are a part of life. His confidence has aided him in his journey to live life to the fullest. Therefore keep moving forward and always chose to look for alternatives when there is a stop in life. Look out for an alternative path in life when things go wrong in life. Keep moving forward without giving up or losing hope in life.

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What was notable about Hugh Herr?

He is known for creating bionic limbs that emulate the function of natural limbs.

What title has Hugh Herr been honored with?

He is known as the father of bionics.

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