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Ishaan Arora | Founder of the great Ed-tech company FinLadder



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Ishaan Arora is a 23-year-old guy and the founder of FinLadder, an ed-tech company. They provide technical courses and educate students from all over the world. Today, more than 22,000 students are present in their community. After graduating from Shaheed Bhagat Singh college Ishaan evolved to do something big rather than the same old hectic internships. But as we know, things not always go as we assume them to be, there were several obstacles that ishaan has been through.

Success Story

Ishaan Arora was in the second year of college and everyone was looking for internships, He too was looking for one. Luckily Ishaan got one at one of the biggest companies in India. After working there for a week, laboriously, He realized that this is not his type, not what he wanted. Fixed number of hours, tons of work and this monotonous process was too tiring for him. At that particular time, Ishaan knew that he had a knack for numbers, so he began working with them, parallel to the internship.

Ishaan did a lot of short-term finance courses, some of which were conducted by the national-stock exchange of India, SEBI: securities and exchange board of India. Also, he became the youngest Indian to clear FRM. At this time, he belonged to a commerce centric college. He realised a fact that a lot of people would relate to,  there are a lot of students who desire to do something big but are always confused about two things: ‘ how do I start?’ And ‘where to start?’. This made him think critically, as a result of which he took a major career-changing decision. He began an ed-tech organisation Finladder. It wasn’t established as a mere startup, it was something which would change the lives of a thousand number of peoples.


Finladder was started up with a mere amount of 1500/-. Ishaan began teaching the same course that he had studied. As it was initially an e-learning platform, the primary goal was to provide people with the appropriate courses. Moving forward with that, Ishaan realised that more than courses and academic staff, students need guidance. That was when Ishaan began connecting with everyone individually. He had a conversation with each of the students that were present that time. As a result of this, They grew a community of 1000 students. Surprisingly, at that time Ishaan was just in third year of his college.

It was the time when He faced the biggest dilemma of his life. On one side, there was a simple and convenient way of earnings, College placement and on other side, there was the love of Ishaan’s life, FinLadder. In March 2019, The career of thousands of people depend upon him and Ishaan felt like giving up. All He had in my mind was to just run away somewhere and lock himself up. There was one more option, That option was to face the heat. That 20-year-old was devastated and clueless thinking ‘what if I failed’, and ‘what if I let other thousand people with me fail’. It was a really tough call, But eventually Ishaan went ahead with his own built community FinLadder.
Although, Ishaan had a great journey ahead, but like there’s a little bad in every good, He too faced difficulties. It was tough for him to explain a 30-year-old that why he should learn from a 20-year-old.


Three years down the lane, here is Ishaan Arora, an educator who has taught more than 22,000 students, a content creator and an entrepreneur whose firm is teaching thousands of people every single day. With his consistentcy, hard work and dedication, Today, Ishaan has endowed this community with more than 30,000 students. Along with the follower base of over 1.5 lakh people. Their main goal is to continue to spread knowledge in any possible way to more and more students.

Recent Update:

In April 2022, Ishaan appeared on Josh Talks. In the video he talked about his journey and how he managed time effectively during his college days to achieve his goals. He revealed the difficulties he faced when he started working towards his dream and how he had left hope. He also shared some time  management tips for college going students and how students can manage a start up and studies simultaneously. 

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