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Judd Nelson | With failure you just try again



Judd Asher Nelson is an American actor who has accomplished himself through his brilliant acting. He has done several notable characters and has embarked a name for himself. His journey to success didn’t happen overnight. He faced his share of failures and success before making it becoming a renowned actor. He is a very persistent and a hardworking individual. His skills and his never give up attitude aided him majorly in his success story. His passion has helped him become a star.

Judd Nelson’s early struggles :

Judd Nelson was born in Portland, Maine. His father happened to be the first Jewish president of the Portland Symphony Orchestra. Right from childhood, Judd has a penchant for acting. He completed his schooling from St. Paul’s School in Concord and Waynflete School in Portland. After his graduation he moved to Manhattan to follow his passion. He went there to study acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory. Therefore this was the very first step towards chasing his passion. From here Judd Nelson went ahead to make his first debut in the film Making the Grade. He chose to do a variety of roles and this gave him an opportunity to expose his talent. He is known for playing bad guys and antiheroes.

Interview - Judd Nelson - Cryptic Rock

Judd Nelson worked on different movies over the year. He had his major breakthrough with his layered portrayal of a tough teenager in The Breakfast Club. This movie gave him a recognition and there was no turning back following this. To reach this stage he had put in a lot of hard work and effort. Despite the little opportunities and roles he got, he never chose to give up. He was working persistently to make it to the top.

Following this he gave a list of hit movies but things didn’t move ahead as expected. He encountered a series of box office disappointments for several of his films. While a few did face success, most of the films that he chose failed in the box office. Therefore this was a huge blow but Judd Nelson didn’t chose to give up. He become more persistent and his never give up attitude kept pushing him forward.

After this back to back failures, Nelson chose to do something different. He chose to take a new route and went ahead to signing on to his first situation comedy television series, Suddenly Susan. This was the second chance he gave himself. While he could have easily given up after so many failures, he chose to make it happen despite the obstacles that came up his way. Following this several opportunities made up his way and he went ahead to put in his fullest potential.

His passion to make it to his dream was the biggest driving factor in his success story. He has worked in several TV series such as The Outer Limits and the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Following this he has also written book that got published in Kindle. His accomplishments inspire people to never give up in life despite the series of failure that we may encounter. Therefore he has paved his way to success through his hard work and consistent efforts.

Life lessons from Judd Nelson’s life :

Th major life lessons from Judd Nelson is to never give up. Failures and hardships are a part of success. What defines you is your ability to walk past these without stepping back. Stay confident and solely believe in your abilities and talent. As Judd Nelson quotes, with failure you just try again. Similarly keep trying and never get demotivated. You are sure to taste the essence of success when you are persistent and passionate about achieving your goals in life.

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How old is Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club?

He is 61 years.

Where's Judd Nelson now?

Judd Nelson hasn’t left acting, he is still acting.

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