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Mahesh Keshwala | Struggling Story of the YouTuber THUGESH



Better Known as Thugesh, Mahesh Keshwala is an Indian YouTuber who rose to fame in 2020. Born and brought up in Mumbai, he has also been a model in Lakmé fashion week and Pune fashion week. Now, it delivers commentary and roasting content along with brand promotions. Today, he has an extensive fan base of 2.5 million subscribers and 181 videos on YouTube. Mahesh’s journey, a story full of hard work and hurdles, is worth knowing.

Success Story

While in school, at the age of 16, Mahesh started working. The desire to buy a new phone drove him to find a job. Due to his family’s financial situation, his family couldn’t allow him to buy a new phone. Hence, he found a job at an amusement park. His career was maintaining the rides’ cleanliness and taking care of the kids who came to take the rides. With this, he used to earn 120/- a day. He continued with this job for more than a year, but later on, it struck him that he could not do this forever. Another task that made him leave the job was cleaning puke by children on the rides. Coming from an academic background and being good at conversing in English, he thought he should get a new and better job.

While trying and applying to different jobs, Mahesh found one in a call center. He did that job part-time because he had to devote time to his studies. Mahesh continued this job for the next 1.5 years and earned 4500/- month. He worked there at all the levels; front end, back end, and attending calls. Later, Mahesh felt that this job was getting too hectic to continue, so he decided to quit. Soon after leaving this job, Mahesh began his college life. Everything was going well, and someone complimented him, “You have good looks; you can go for acting.” From that day, the word acting had made a place in his mind.


Following this, Mahesh Keshwala got into pageantry. He won numerous pageants, some of which were national-level pageants. This boosted his confidence, and he entered into modeling. He struggled hard to find modeling projects. Every day he traveled by auto, bus, metro, and everything to get to the offices of modeling companies. As a result, Mahesh appeared in Pune fashion week and Lakme fashion week.
In this hectic routine, He took part in a pageant. Before 6 hours of its start, all the contestants were present backstage, and two of them were called. One was a guy, and the other was a girl. Mahesh followed them to check what the case was. Both of them entered the room of judges. It clicked with him that this might not be a fair competition, and he was finally proven right. Both of those contestants won the pageant. Mahesh approached the show’s organizer and began crying while stating this scenario. This was the day when he got completely away from modeling.

After Modelling

Mahesh was on the verge of graduation at that time. He was doing LLB and CS along. Unfortunately, he couldn’t clear the CS exam even after multiple attempts. So he quit that as well. Talking about LLB, he was assigned a project for which he had to visit the court one day. This visit made him realize that Law was not his cup of tea. Apart from these failures, Mahesh also had a YouTube channel on which he was inactive for an extended period. At that time, the entire YouTube was demonetized because of some issue.

Now, Mahesh had nothing sure to do. So he began doing everything he could. He filled his schedule with the gym in the morning, followed by the library and making content for the YouTube channel. In this process, Covid 19 pandemic approached India. And eventually, the first lockdown happened. Mahesh took this opportunity and became passionately active on YouTube. As a result, he grew from 5 lakhs to 1 million subscribers. Eventually, after hours of hard work and long patience, Mahesh started making money from his YouTube content.

And he is widely famous on major social media such as Instagram, with a high fan following of 670K followers and around 597 posts. He keeps his fans entertained by constantly uploading reels with his own created content. As a model, he also updates his latest photos through Instagram. Here is a glimpse of his video from Instagram.

Currently, he has over 3.62 million subscribers on his main channel and over 1 million subscribers on his second channel. With over 400 million views, Mahesh has become one of the most loved YouTubers in the country. His funny and nonabusive content is popular among all age groups. With 1.5m views, one of the popular videos on his channel is ‘Katrina Kaif & Vicky Kaushal’s wedding Dhindora.’

What is Mahesh Keshwala's age?

Mahesh is 25-year-old as of 2021.

How much does Mahesh Keshwala earn?

Mahesh earns an annual income of 40-50 lakhs from YouTube

Life Mantra that Mahesh Keshwala follows?

“Hardwork always beats Talent”

What's Mahesh Keshwala's Net worth?

1 crore.

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