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Nirmal Pillai | successful journey of digital creator and standup comedian



Nirmal Pillai

Digital space has introduced a new level of content that users and viewers can think of as social media help understand one’s taste in comedies and entertainment. People are sharing creativity, fulfilling the desire of a career in passion, and giving 30sec video which brings a smile to the viewer’s face. Among such true entertainer, Nirmal Pillai is a creator of his own, which make him stand out. With a sense of family and familiarity, Nirmal, with live interactive sessions, gradually gained attention with popularity.

The early life of Nirmal Pillai

Nirmal was born and raised in Tiruchirappalli, Kerala, India. He has attended the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli and has received a bachelor’s degree in architecture. Soon after graduating, he started working in GSEN, Nit Trichy as the head. Later he worked as a product designer in Archcult, Dentsu as well. Further, he also served as creative director.

Career as creator

Nirmal Pillai, known as mahlyf_mahrulez, is his Instagram handle. He used to make 1min videos even before reels came into the picture. The introductory video gave him hype about how to be Bangalorean and Chennai. Later started to collaborate with Abhishek, which took another point. He was a theater artist. His way of comic sense is unique as he grasps the things on the spot in conversation with the audience.
He started his entertainment journey to do what he loves to do, which can entertain people. And he never thought of being a content creator. Further, as he grew in the field of the internet with a viral video, he started to have his stands like the show or something. Hence the venture of standup comedians started.

Nirmal pillai as YouTuber

He also has a YouTube channel where he posts vlogs, funny content, short videos, collaborations with comedians, and food-related. His most viral one was a collaborated video with Abhishek Kumar, “Famous sounds of Chennai,” which got colossal publicity and millions of views. With that, he gained a lot of subscribers and currently owns 161k subscribers and more than a half-century of videos.
Not only as a comedian but also as an actor, he is seen on a few channels, such as Netflix India and Jordan in You only laugh once, work from home reality vs. expectations. Usually keeps up the traffic on concurrent activeness by uploading videos twice a day.

Nirmal pillai as Standup comedian

His content is loaded with humor, melodrama, and unconventional topics from daily life that inspire his standup performance. He started his comic journey with open mic and then gradually moved to paid shows. Now, he stands among the great comedians. Nirmal is mainly famous for collaborative shows with Abhishek Kumar. One famous show was the Hyderabad show, where live interaction became famous with on-the-spot comedy. In conclusion, they also said that 70% of the show was crowd work.
Nirmal always balances maintaining live shows, digital content, and YouTube comedy series.


We can’t just put seed and wait for it to grow; it needs many essentials like water, soil, and other things. Similarly, a driving career isn’t once a stand that requires support and an aim to head up. With that, Nirmal and his parent’s genuine permission to build his career in passion risked a well-settled job. But his hard work, will achievement of goals, and support now stand as a celebrity. Even Forbes India has declared him among India’s Top 100 Digital Stars. Here is a glimpse of his standup comedy show.

What is Nirmal Pillai net worth?

The current net worth of Nirmal is approx $ 500k US.

How many followers does Nirmal have on Instagram?

He has around 388K followers.

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