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Pawan Munjal | Success story of the MD of Hero MotoCorp



Pawan Munjal

Pawan Munjal is an Indian belonging to the promoter family of Hero Group. He is 61 years old and currently serves as the Chairman, Managing Director & CEO of Hero Motocorp. India Today magazine ranked him #49th in India’s 50 most influential people list.

Early Life

Pawan was born in 1953, and his current age is 67. He has chaired the apex body of India’s automobile industry and leading teams on technology and innovation, sports, and social action; he is also a member of the World Economic Forum. After parting ways with Honda in 2011, Pawan Munjal began to expand worldwide with factories present in Colombia and Bangladesh.

Hero encompasses an analysis unit in Jaipur town employing 700 engineers for research purposes. This centre specializes in electric mobility solutions & centres for technical education abroad. It is situated near Munich, where over 1000 students train every year. At the same time, Hero Group sets another up at Pune’s Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology. It employs more than 1500 faculties per annum spread across two campuses. During the pandemic captivity, he returned sales close to pre-pandemic levels by the Gregorian calendar month of 2020.

Pawan Munjal
Pawan Munjal

Career of Pawan Munjal

Pawan Munjal joined Hero Honda Motors in the early 1980s. Later he took over as managing director of Hero Honda Motors in 2001. Apart from that, he is an engineer by profession.

Also, he has successfully overseen the company’s successful transition from Hero Honda to Hero Motocorp in 2011.

Pawan Munjal is the chairman of India’s automobile sector. He has also headed groups on technology and innovation, sports, affirmative action. He is a member of the World Economic Forum.

His parents were the late Raman philosopher Suman Kant Munjal and Sunil Munjal, a philosophy professor at Delhi University. Pawan also studied at NIT Kurukshetra in Haryana and served on the Indian Public Schools Society board.

Pawan Munjal
Pawan Munjal

At the same time, his dad Brijjmohan Lall Munjal sits on its Board of Directors. The youngest child was born to Brijjmohan’s second wife, Santosh. Brijmohan Lall Munjal, the founder of Hero, was the son of Pawan Munjal, who died in 2015. Brijmohan is currently running the Hero MotoCorp, and the United Nations agency has been to partner with Japan’s Honda. He is among the world’s largest producers of two-wheelers. To date, he has sold 94 million units so far that are sold out from Hero MotoCorp thus far.

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