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PharmEasy | India’s first digitalised Healthcare System



PharmEasy is an online platform which has digitalised healthcare services. It is set up to ensure that medicines and appropriate equipment are easily and quickly accessible. But no company becomes successful from the beginning as no one accepts the new ventures readily. The same was the case with this one; read the story of this big healthcare system.

How PharmEasy Began

Dharmil Sheth, the co-founder of Pharmeasy, got the idea of this online healthcare system from his friend Dhawal Shah, a doctor. Both of them brought this platform in the year 2014. They aimed to make convenient access of healthcare products to people. Through this application, residents of India can easily order medications and receive them at their doorsteps. Across the country, PharmEasy serves on almost 98% of pin codes. From scheduling doctor’s appointments to delivering reports and medicines, It takes every step of healthcare.
PharmEasy has successfully fulfilled all the goals that it had opened up with. As a result, it emerged a key player in digitalising India’s Healthcare system. Today, Online pharmacies give out a big contribution the growth of the e-commerce industry.

Dhaval Shah(28) & Dharmil Seth(28)


PharmEasy is an e-commerce platform that provides healthcare services and equipment. The process starts when a customer uploads their prescription on the application. It is sent to the nearby pharmacy. Through the company’s web technology, the highest quality health care products are made available at budget-friendly prices.
Also, it is assured that there is no compromise in quality with a fall in price. Simply, It tries to provide top-notch products, which you can also find in typical pharmacy stores.

Once your prescription reaches the store, the order is packed. The delivery agent takes your parcel & updates you . Also, the delivery agent adheres to all guidelines and precautions. He will deliver the package to the address mentioned on the online app.

Eventually, PharmEasy acts as three way chain buyers, suppliers, and the distribution network.

Buyers: They can use this readymade platform to search for medicines and Health care equipment required. Buyers can place online order accordingly without any hassles.

Suppliers: This online platform collaborates with a broad range of medical shops and suppliers. All of these stores help the company to maintain its stock. It also earns revenue from the pharmaceutical companies who want to advertise their products online.

Distribution Network: PharmEasy acts as a great distribution channel which has spread branches all over India. It can deliver the products from a company to a broad range of pincodes of the country.


It was not easy for this big online platform to come into the practice for people. Initially, everyone faced difficulties in using the application and getting familiar with it.
The first significant obstacle in the path was, PharmEasy was not able to deliver medicines without a valid prescription. Only knowing the names of medicines was not enough. And many patients were not ready to upload their medication because of privacy concerns.
Secondly, the location tracking of delivery agents was not convenient for people. They didn’t get to know how much time the medicines would take to reach. Looking into these problems, usage of PharmEasy became.
But Today, there are no such issues that exist. PharmEasy has emerged as a quick and reliable application for medical emergencies.

How much is PharmEasy's revenue?

Around Rs. 637 crores

Which companies are acquired by PharmEasy?

Aknamed, Medlife and Thyrocare Technologies.

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