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Reddit | Success of story of the best social networking site




Reddit is an American social networking site. The success story of this website is about keeping patience till you hit the jackpot. It has something for everyone while others comment on the news and perspectives found nowhere else. It’s even possible that you could get caught up on Reddit (AMA) ask me anything page. You can spend hours reading Q&A from celebrities, professionals & random individuals.

Early stage

Two 22 years old started Reddit in June of 2005. The co-founder Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian had recently graduated from the University of Virginia. The two were in Medford, Massachusetts, when they founded Reddit with no clue to the judgment they created in 2017. Just 12 years after establishing Reddit, Alexis Ohanian has an estimated net worth of 4.5 million dollars. And co-founder Steve Hoffman is estimated to have a net worth of 4-million dollars. uses a different site to host all the images the staff at They may be the unsung heroes of their websites community. Imgur is an image hosting web service that hosts the pictures posted on all subreddits. Even is home to its community with a separate set of standards than Reddit. Also, Imgur makes profits on its own to the site has an estimated worth of 3 billion dollars. However, if you want only to view the images submitted to the subreddit, visit in ‘imgur/r/ subreddit,’ for example, try visiting ‘imgur/r/luxury.’

Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Neil de Grasse Tyson maybe some of the most well-known Redditors. But over half the users are 30 or younger, with a vast majority being men and just over half of Reddit users are from the United States. A survey revealed that an average user spends 80 to 90 minutes on the website on any given day.


Reddit has raised hundreds and thousands of dollars for charity on its website. The community has come together on more than one occasion to help those in need. However, there are few occasions that stick out more than others. After the Haiti earthquake in January of 2010, Redditors donated over 150 thousand dollars for relief.

Later in 2011, Christianity and Atheism subreddit communities competed in donation drives. And that raised over $200,000, which is a considerable amount. Also, the money isn’t donated only by the users; the company works equally on it. Consequently, in February of 2014, Reddit announced a new policy to donate 10% of its revenue to nonprofits. After consulting the Redditors via a post on Reddit, this policy came into power.

Reddit is the 20th most visited website in the world. The site ranks as the seventh most visited site in the United States in November of 2021. The front page of the Internet had a community of 430 million unique users. These users access Reddit from 217 countries across the globe. This diverse community is dedicating time & energy to over 850,000 subreddit pages. This effort results in approximately 25 million post votes a day & over 8 billion page views a month.

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Is Reddit famous in India?

No, only 0.16% of people from India are on Reddit.

Is Reddit inappropriate?

No it’s not inappropriate but the contents are mostly 13+

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