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Pratik Gandhi | A truly inspirational success story



Pratik Gandhi
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Pratik Gandhi is an Indian actor who primarily works in Gujarati theatre and cinema. His success story didn’t happen overnight. He went through a lot of struggles and failures during his initial stages. But he was very persistent and kept trying harder each time he faced a challenge. His story is the journey of a common man, their struggles and how they made it to the top. He is an inspiration for people who are passionate about chasing their dreams.

Pratik Gandhi’s early struggles:

Pratik Gandhi was born to a family of teachers in Surat. He was attracted to theatre from an early age. His first screen appearance was in Class 8, when a stage play that he did televised by DD National. This was the very start for his passion for acting. Right from his school days, he excelled in plays and elocutions earlier. He learnt a lot about acting as a career when he was selected for a particular school play. The director, one Jaiyu Bhai who was popularly called ‘Natkhat Jaiyu’, groomed him professionally. But however his father wanted him to get trained in classical dance and he took up this for his family. After high school, Gandhi did his diploma in mechanical engineering. Due to the lack of job opportunities, he worked odd jobs like installing TV towers and anchoring.

Following unfortunately a major blow struck when his family ended up affected in the 2006 Surat floods. His family soon moved to Mumbai to stay with him. Ina new city the family has a hard time making ends meet. Pratik Gandhi used to live in 1 room-kitchen with 3 of his family members and after he got married the small house had now 5 people living in it. With the burden of sustaining his family, the passion for acting added on.

He was not ready to give on his dream. So he took up a full-time job to run the house, but before and after work he used to rehearse. This tiring routine continued but he b]never gave up. Luckily he got an offer to do a Gujarati play, Aa Paar Ke Pele Paar. He received a small but crucial role and this paly was an instant success. This became a major breakthrough he had in chasing his passion.

During his initial stages, he made very less money and found it hard to support his family. He encountered several criticisms throughout his journey as well, but these didn’t pull back his confidence. Pratik never let go even a small opportunity that came up his way. He has acted in some films and several plays and then finally landed the big role in Hansal Mehta’s Scam 1992. This was a high mark in his career. He gained the long yearned recognition through this character and has accomplished himself as an actor after years of struggle. He put in a lot of effort to make the most of the opportunity given to him. For the role he studied Harshad Mehta’s interviews, watched his old news clippings and even learnt about stock market to fit into his shoes.

He has done a tremendously brilliant job and has gained a huge fan following through his immense talent. He is an exceptional actor and his fans are looking forward to watch more of this artiste.

Life lessons from Pratik Gandhi’s life:

When asked about the secret to his success, Pratik Gandhi quotes that, “We can do two things to succeed — either make fear our driver or passion. With fear, bitterness and disappointment set in earlier and sap your energy. When you make passion your driver, there is no time for anything else. No one told us our life will be smooth. So, when fear leaves the driver’s seat, you’ll start living life,”. Failures and struggles are a part of life. What matters depends on the way we overcome this with utmost confidence and hard work. Never give up in life. Keep chasing your passion with persistence and success is surely not too far.

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Where is Pratik Gandhi from?

Pratik Gandhi is from Surat.

When did Pratik Gandhi marry?

He married Bhamini Oza in 2009.

From which university did Pratik Gandhi graduate?

 He graduated from North Maharashtra University (N.M.U).

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