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Riya Gogoi | The popular GENZ Youtuber of India



Riya Gogoi

Riya Gogoi is an Indian Youtuber, she mostly makes comedy videos including commentary on viral memes, video songs and many more. Riya is also famous on social media platforms, she has a huge following on Instagram.

Personal Life

Riya Gogoi was born on 28th October 1999 in Sivasagar, Assam, India. Her full name is Riya Umesh Gogoi. She was born in a Hindu family. Her mother’s name is Swapna Gogoi. Riya is the youngest in the family. She has an elder sister named Indira Gogoi and an elder brother named Kaushik Gogoi. Riya along with her family moved to Mumbai because of her father’s job. 

Riya completed her schooling at Delhi public school, Mumbai, India. Later she did her graduation with a Bachelor of mass media from the University of Mumbai, India

A few of Riya’s hobbies include reading, traditional art, video creation and swimming.

Youtube Journey

Riya Gogoi

Riya Gogoi started posting videos on YouTube in 2012. Before starting her current channel. She had previously had almost 5 YouTube channels but eventually stopped making videos as she didn’t get many views. Riya started her current channel in 2019. Riya finally started posting videos in 2020, during the covid pandemic lockdown. 

She initially started the channel and posted videos because she was bored of the lockdown. Her first viral video was ‘I Asked People On OMEGLE To Marry Me’ which has close to 1 million views within a few months after uploading. She had 35k subscribers at the end of October 2020. In the next three months, she gained almost 100k subscribers. Her channel currently has 236k subscribers with over 11 million channel views. Her content mainly focuses on topics like commentary on viral memes, video songs, and making aesthetic vlogs along the way. Recently she has started making voiceover story videos showing things she does on a day, like cooking, meeting friends, shopping, etc. 

She is A Film Festival winner and video creator and has served in multiple positions of responsibility from High school to Graduation. Riya has sponsored by famous brands like WOW Life Science Products, Dobara and many more. Some of her viral videos include ‘Lovers of Tiktok’, ‘I Asked People On OMEGLE To Marry Me’, and ‘I let guys on tinder choose my outfits’. Riya has currently started making shorts on YouTube where she uploads mini vlogs.


She has collaborated with many other Indian YouTubers including Adit Minocha, PapaOcus, R.G Bucket List, Rohan Yadav, Agastya Shah etc. She is also a part of a YouTube channel named ‘Team Full Masti’ which is a joint channel of famous YouTubers named Rohan Yadav, Vanshaj Singh, Mallika Motiramani, Vasu Kainth, Angad Kahai Singh and Adit Minocha. ‘Team Full Masti’ has more than 10k subscribers.

Social Media

Riya is very much active on social media. She keeps uploading tweets and stories on Instagram and Twitter to keep her followers updated about her life. Riya has more than 20k followers on Twitter. She is very famous on Instagram with almost 100k followers. Riya also uploads pictures on Instagram almost regularly. She also makes reels on trending topics and meme-related funny videos.

Recent Update

Riya had recently posted a video on her YouTube where she is seen talking in a voiceover about how her life has been over the years. She shared a lot about her life and parents, which is relatable to almost every Indian kid or rather every Indian girl. Riya talks about how she comes from an ordinary middle class family and super protective parents, which got problematic as she started getting invitations from events as an Influencer. Her mom wouldn’t let her stay out for long, and she left she lacked that growth which was needed. The whole YouTube video was to inform her audience that she is going abroad for her masters. However, she hasn’t disclosed anything about the country she is going to but will soon!

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How old is Riya Gogoi?

Riya Gogoi is 22 years old as of 2022.

Is Riya related to Arnab Goswami?

No, Riya Gogoi is not related to Arnab Goswami.

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