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Steven Spielberg | The man who tackled failures effortlessly



Steven Spielberg

PSteven Spielberg is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. He has achieved a lot despite the several failures he encountered in life. The most successful people in the world have had an abundance of loss, and Steven truly personifies this phrase himself. He has accomplished the most extensive empire with the most successful movies and movie franchises in history. He tackled his fair share of failures with utmost confidence and persistence.

Early Life

Steven Spielberg was born in 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He didn’t have a delightful childhood and encountered a lot of struggles right from the start. But he was confident about changing his life and went ahead, walking past the struggles and failures.

Spielberg struggled with dyslexia, couldn’t cope with his studies, and was dropped out of school. He loved daydreaming and spent most of his time in his world of imagination. After his parents’ divorce, Spielberg moved to Los Angeles, California, along with his father.

At ten, he filmed the adventures of himself and his friends and charged admission to the home viewings. After moving with his father, he applied to the University of Southern California’s film school but was rejected for his poor grades. This was his first failure.


Following this, Steven Spielberg faced several other failures as well. At several points in his early career, his losses far outstripped his accomplishments. He ended up releasing a film that flopped, entitled 1941. This movie 1941 was a dismal failure, only turning a small profit because viewers in other countries enjoyed laughing at the dithering American characters portrayed.

He was very much disheartened and started feeling ashamed about his movie. But even after this major failure, he didn’t give up in life. But after this, he had his breakthrough with his film Jaws.

Steven Spielberg at sets of Jaws

Steven Spielberg refused to give up and was very much persisting in reaching and achieving his goals. He never called it quits despite the failures he encountered throughout his career and his personal life.

Spielberg pushed himself forward and followed this; he had some incredible blockbusters such as Schindler’s List, The Color Purple, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, and many more. He also encountered a few flop movies through his journey, but he didn’t let this give up or step back. He was determined to give a change and kept working persistently.


1993, 1995,1998Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures
1993, 1998Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures
1998Vision Award
2000 PGA Hall of Fame – Motion Pictures
2001, 2010Outstanding Producer of Long-Form Television
2011Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures
1974Best Screenplay
2001Future Film Festival Digital Award
1982, 1983, 1993, 1987Best Directing
1994, 1986, 1983, 2006Best Director
1993, 2003Best Movie Director
1995Director of the Year
1994Best Foreign Film
2021AFI Movie of the Year
1973Grand Prize
1990Television and Theatrical Film Fiction

Life lesson’s from Steven Spielberg’s life :

A major life lesson from Steven’s life is to dream big. He dreamed of making movies, and he had made it happen in reality with hard work. Take one idea and make that your life. Choose what you want to do in life. This majorly helps you stay focused and consistent in achieving your true goal.

Rejections, failures are essential parts of success. Never be afraid to fail, and always be ready to face rejections in life.

Everything doesn’t happen quickly; you need to struggle and work hard to achieve what you want. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and try something new in life. The most significant assets in his success story were his determination and relentless efforts. He has been rejected many times in his career, but he still hung on to his dreams and tried repeatedly. Success is not too far when you are hardworking and determined.

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In 1991, what classic story did Steven Spielberg give new direction to?

Peter Pan is a character J. M. Barrie created in the 1900s. Steven Spielberg’s “Hook,” tells the story of what happens when Peter Pan grows up.

Which Spielberg movie features a cameo appearance by Dan Aykroyd?

 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Aykroyd appear as Indy, Willie, and Shorty are boarding the plane.

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