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Swiggy | The success story of the food delivery service app



Swiggy is an Indian food delivery service app. Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy founded the company in July 2014. Currently, the company is available in 500 cities all across India. In 2022, Swiggy became the fifth Indian startup to become a decacorn and raised $700 million. The company built a devoted delivery system and took over the food delivery industry in a short time. Their success story is very inspiring. Here’s Swiggy’s success story.

About the founders

Sriharsha Majety

Sriharsha Majety is the co-founder and the current CEO of Swiggy. He graduated with a degree in Electrical and Electronics from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani. Before Swiggy, he co-founded Bundl, an e-commerce website, and also worked as an associate at Nomura International. He and Nandan Reddy decided to enter the food delivery industry as several startups were struggling. Today, Swiggy is one of the top apps in India.

Nandan Reddy

Nandan Reddy is also one of the co-founders of Swiggy. He attended the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, and later graduated with a Masters degree in Physics. Previously, Reddy founded a startup related to a tablet-based POS for restaurants. In addition, he was also a part of the management team at Source Pilani, India’s first rural BPO. Later, he co-founded Bundl with Sriharsha Majety. The duo decided to rebrand their startup and enter the food delivery industry.

The early days

Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy built an e-commerce website for courier services across India called Bundl. Unfortunately, the startup did not succeed and they had to shut it down. During this time, the food delivery industry was in shambles as several startups were struggling to get customers. The founders decided to rebrand their startup as a food delivery system. reddy and Majety, along with Rahul Jaimini founded Swiggy in 2014. The trio built a vast delivery network and focused on logistics and key resources. In one year, they managed to grow rapidly.

In 2019, Swiggy launched general products deliveries and called it Swiggy Stores. Later, it also launched its own instant grocery delivery service called Instamart. Swiggy faced rivals during the initial days but its smart business solutions helped them stand out from the rest. Unlike the others, Swiggy has strong partnerships with restaurants, an easy-to-use app, and more. The startup’s customer service and a vast number of delivery boys also helped it reach the top. In 2018, Swiggy joined the unicorn club and received funding from several high-level investors.

Swiggy’s success story

Today, Swiggy is one of India’s fastest-growing startups. It is present in 500 cities across the country. Its journey was filled with several ups and downs. But, the hard work and dedication of the founders were one of the key reasons for Swiggy’s success. The startup’s success story is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs. Recently, it became a decacon and received an investment of $700 million. 

Swiggy’s was awarded for its sincere deliveries in the 11th Annual Aegis Graham Bell award for Innovation. And on “ET Startup Awards 2017 – Startup of the Year”.

Almost every person in the country uses Swiggy to order food. Hard work is the key to success. It teaches us dedication, determination, and perseverance. We should always believe in ourselves and our dreams. Secondly, we should never give up and learn from our mistakes. The founders of Swiggy failed to grow their first startup but did not give up and built Swiggy. 

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When was Swiggy founded?

It was launched in 2014.

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