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Talia Datt | Digital marketing platform founder and managing director



Talia Datt

Talia Datt who mainly founder of company Social Cliq which transformed around 100 brands digitally since 2018. She is a founder and director of the digital marketing agency, The Social Cliq, and co-founder of a tech startup, Tapt By Hatch.

Talia Datt’s life journey

Talia Datt has completed her schooling at Mount Scopus Memorial College, Burwood, Victoria. Further continued at Uppsala University and completed her Bachelor of Commerce from Monash University, Australia. Coming back from a semester within two months, she started her first business, but adjusting to a new perspective wasn’t easy,  and she needed much experience. 

So, she started exploring and talking to people with experience in the same field. That helped her broaden her bounds and grow. Understanding the reality that small businesses lack in publishing and advertising themselves, she thought of expressing them to the world.

Career growth

She started as a single with cards distributed door to door with a one-page website. And even though she worked for free to build a reputation and client relationship. Being self-owner, she started a marketing team and transformed over 100 brands’ digital footprints since launching her agency in 2018. 

Her businesses set off fire and outbound to many companies increasing sustainable growth with the leading generation and creating brand awareness, whether small or Fortune 500 companies.

Inspiration from Talia Datt

Datt stood inspired by her supportive family and mainly by her father. always used to say, “whatever you want to do, it doesn’t matter if you fail – just try.” He mentored her throughout, from starting a business to growing among famous companies. 

In interviews, she also said that her Commerce degree gave me a lot of technical skills in data input and analysis, strategy development, and financial management. And the Arts degree taught me interpersonal skills and how to communicate, build relationships, and deal with different situations.

Present career

Currently, she is running one more company Tapt By Hatch as marketing director and co-founder, and her brother in 2020. Tapt mainly works on building cards for businesses, tapping a card on any phone that saves the business’s contact. It made it easy for many companies to have many clients and increase their marketing.

 Having ideas around is everyone’s cup of tea but having it in the way to feel refreshed again to start the new change in career is not in everyone’s hands. But Datt used it and focused on others and her career and built her journey to support growing small businesses. This helped small businesses to the next level and kept them with new generation media marketing.

She has been a finalist in Kochie’s Business Builders and Insider Small Business in 2020 as MBN’s Young Entrepreneur award. Along with Social Cliq, she started a content Cliq in 2020, which has already acquired 200+ creators and 30 clients. So she has been awarded as Forbes 30 under 30.

Personal life

Talia Datt is cool-minded and loves socializing with teams. She also spent her free time on the TikTok spiral or in a busy shopping center filled with fabulous clothes. It is also great to go through the virals and trends to keep up with ideas.

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Talia Datt Inspiration?

A 24 year old inspired by – ” Inspiration can be found anywherefor us, it’s been sitting atop the Great Barrier Reef “

Talia Datt famous for?

Talia mainly famous for digital marketing which she started from Social Cliq in Melbourne, in 2018.

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