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Tom Hardy – Fight Your Demons



Tom Hardy

Man Of Many Things

Where do we start? Because Tom Hardy is a super violent villain, “Bane.” in the blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises. Because he is a “wandering Jew” of the series Peaky Blinders or Tom Hardy’s eccentric personality that has drawn millions to cinema theatres.

This man has shown us what we can achieve if we put our efforts in the right direction. Tom Hardy, in full Edward Thomas Hardy, is a British actor known for his performances in cult films as well as mainstream blockbusters.

But it was not always sunshine on his path towards stardom.

Fight For Purpose

From childhood itself, he had to fight his demons. At the age of 13, he was using hallucinogens, got himself out of school and, behind the bars for joyriding while carrying a gun.

In high school, his addiction to alcohol and his habits for cocaine were taking a heavy toll. At 26, he collapsed in the street over his crack pipe and awoke covered in blood and vomit.

Now, this was the time for self-realization. Tom decided that he would make something good out of his life.

The rehabilitation program was complete, and his life about to change. He devoted his time to acting studies in prestigious Drama Centre London from where he was once kicked out.

Like Adamantium

Tom Hardy has been sober for more than a decade, shows his strong will and determination to make himself better. This attitude of his has reflected in his professional life too. The devotion to his work has seen in the later stages of his career. (this guy is like the face of body transformations)He has had many changes in himself to portray his cinematic characters.

He is an amid practitioner of martial arts and He has stated,

“It helps me stay connected with my inner self. It has even helped me to focus on my work.”


Tom was never an overnight success; he worked hard for straight ten years doing mini-series roles before his first major film release RocknRolla in 2008. But the breakthrough came with Bronson, a biography of Charles Bronson described as “Britain’s most notorious and violent prisoner.”

Later on, he went on to act in movies like Inception, Warrior, The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road, Dunkirk and, The Revenant for which he received his first academy award nomination for best actor in a supporting role.

Our Take…

For sure, Tom Hardy made some decisions which he can never deny. He has been through tough times and had his own fight finding a purpose for himself, but today he is not known for his mistakes or what he had done in his past.

From being an alcoholic and drug addict to one of the most sought after actors in the cinema industry, his life has many valuable lessons that we can learn and, one such is, “It is never too late to start again.”

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