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Bikanervala | The success story of one of the top brands in the Indian snacks industry



Bikanervala is the top leading brand in the Indian snacks and sweets industry. Their specialization in this field dates back to about a hundred years back. Their popularity is due to their brand-loyal customers and their skills and dedication to change with the changing era. The success story from the streets to building a 1000-crore company is inspiring to entrepreneurs all around the world.

The early days

It all started from a small store in Bikaner, Rajasthan which was owned and managed by Lalji and his sons. In 1950, his sons Jugalkishoreji and Kedarnathji decided to expand their business by moving to Delhi to popularise their savouries. In the beginning, they sold their snacks on the streets. But, soon with an increase in both their earnings and demand, they opened a shop in Old Delhi. They stopped bringing in items from Bikaner anymore and made everything in the backyard of their shop.

Even though many other stores sold the same snacks, people started rooting for Bikanervala. This was due to their high-quality products that were rich in taste. Their snacks were liked by people of all ages. Another reason was their polite staff from Bikaner. Mr. Kedarnath said that people in Delhi ate food made in “Desi Ghee” and they were reluctant to taste their snacks which were made in oil. During such cases, Kedarnath convinced people into buying their products with his skills.

The rise of Bikanervala

Due to their strong passion, ambition, and belief in themselves, they gathered customers from all around Delhi who started calling them Bikanervala. Thus, they renamed their name “Bikanervala”. After some time, Jugalkishoreji called his son, Shyam Agarwal, to Delhi who was 16 at that time. Currently, He is now the Managing Director of the company. He continued his studies while working alongside his father and uncle. But, Agarwal wanted to focus on his family business and he dropped out of college. He spent his whole day in the shop serving customers or making sweets.

Soon, they opened various outlets in Delhi and produced all their items in a factory. They even increased their variety of snacks by introducing many new ones such as Sponge Rasgullas and Barfis. With an increase in the range of products available, their sales and customers increased. Slowly, they became one of the top brands in the industry. Their authenticity and taste helped them reach a global market and attract more people.

The success of Bikanervala

Bikanervala has effectively and innovatively blended heritage recipes with modern products and process technology. They are connecting people through taste and true Indian flavours. When they came to Delhi for the first time, they sold snacks on the streets. But with determination to succeed, they are now a 1000-crore company. Today, they have 94 outlets in India and 25 in countries like the USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Nepal, and the UAE.

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Where was Bikanervala started?

Bikaner, Rajasthan

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