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Country Delight | Success Story of a Fresh milk delivery brand



Country delight

Country delight is India’s very own first fresh milk delivery brand. The company aims to deliver unprocessed and unadultered milk directly from firm to home. Founded in 2015, it strives to delivers food products as close to the natural products as possible.This is a $615 million company which has a customer base of 1.5 million people. The fact that it receives around 3 million monthly orders is enough to estimate country delight’s success. So let’s see how a small milk-tech startup turn out to be this big.

Country delight beggining

Country delight came to existence in 2015. When some engineers and IIM graduate envisioned the delivery of fresh milk to every home. They worked on the basics of milk production. The founder of Country delight were upset with the inappropriate techniques used in traditional milk firm. Despite being one of the largest production sector in India, it required innovative strategies. One of the major challenges for them was fast delivery of milk before adulteration.

Country delight way towards success

Initially the founders started on small scale with just 50 cattles but soon the business grew to become as large to hold 5000 cattle under one roof. The idea was to provide fresh and natural milk products to the customers. Initially the company was delivering milk but soon it expanded to include other Dairy products such as curd, ghee, etc.

With the trust of more than a million people, their business is continuously growing. recently they have launched products such as bread and free-range egg and they are also thinking to include fresh fruit, vegetables, and cold press oil in their product. They want to deliver the benefits of fresh food to every household connected to them. They operates on the principle of low price qnd high quality.

Struggle during Lockdown

Lockdown was a tough time for every business. But being in full stack business, country delight set the example of overcoming difficulties easily. One of the major problem that many businesses faced during lockdown was maintaining the supply chain. But since, their firm own the cattle themselves, the supply chain was not disrupted.For delivery, they stick to the guidelines and timing provided by the government. For efficient milk deliveries, they were in contact with the major stockholder to make faster decision. This way, they successfully surpassed COVID time.

Founders of Country Delight

Back in 2015,two individuals cofounded Country Delight- Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal.

Chakradhar Gade

Chakradhar Gade has studied at Indian Institute of management, Indore. In 2005, he joined Infosys as a Software Engineer. But he left the job one year later. He started this milk-tech startup along with Nitin Kaushal in 2015. Apart from country delight, he is also an investor. His investment portfolio includes four major investment. In may 2021, he invested in a seed round in Blissclub succeeded by his next investment in August 2021 in Krishify. Afterwards, he invested in Ginglani distillers in November. He also invested in Nxtwave in December 2021.

Nitin Kaushal

Nitin Kaushal is the co founder of country delight. He was a batchmate of Chakradhar during college as he has also studied from IIM Indore. Nitin’s past job profile includes vice president at HSBC. He has worked as Vice-President of Corporate Banking of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. He worked there for 2 years from 2008 to 2010. Has has also started investing recently. His portfolio includes 2 round of investment. He has invested in Krishify and Nxtwave.

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What is the vision of Country delight?

There vision is to provide fresh food product as close to nature as possible to their customers.

Who founded Country delight?

Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal founded it in 2015.

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