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Eren Bali | A Billion-dollar ambitious tech entrepreneur success story



Eren Bali

Eren Bali is a profound practice in forming ideas that influence solving society’s problems, such as Udemy, and Carbon Health. He is mainly famous as soft-spoken CEO and co-founder who is always ready for conversation and situation solving. The trends he set out as companies accelerated across the market Industry, mainly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s see how his source of thoughts journey to set up a new path?

Early life

Eren Bali was born in 1984 to Kurdish, Turkey parents in Durulova, in Malatya. His mother was a teacher, and he learned his primary schooling in the one-room schoolhouse under her guidance. Further, he graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Computer Engineering and mathematics, with a double major.

Further being enthusiastic about learning and digging out the topics which led him to the great university, math drew his interest in the 2001 Inter­national Mathematical Olympiad in Washington, D.C. In 1998, his family bought his first computer and helped him explore the advanced concept through the internet from where his bond of going beyond different learning platforms. 

Initially started as a developer at, dovetail. Tv, and bitgravity. Then he co-founded  Eofer, and Knowband was CEO. Later he founded and worked as director of engineering. He worked as an advisor at the pick, mydipp.

Career growth

As Bali’s first move into the entrepreneurship industry, he co-founded an educational influenced media called Knownband while still in Turkey. After years along with Knowband partner Oktay Caglar and another friend, Gagan Biyani, Bali co-founded Udemy in 2010.  Udemy engaged around 10000+ students and instructors, and it was a big mission that succeeded in providing access to education from now where and building careers. 

So long for around three years, he worked at Udemy as Chief Technology Officer, and in 2013, he founded a business in the healthcare care Industry as Carbon Health. He started with the Healthcare business model because his mother lacked in getting proper medication on time, so he began to work on the framework during his free time. With the broadest vision to set healthcare supports over hands with 300% patients boost.

Carbon Health growth

Carbon Health, which grew 39,734 percent over the past three years with regional providers offering virtual appointments during the pandemic, increased by more than $45 million in revenue in 2020. 

Provides access to electronic health records full-service tech platform for clinics. And a full-blown EHR system, telehealth tools, prescription fulfillment, payments, and scheduling.

81 Carbon Health clinics in 11 states, with 1,500 more planned by the end of 2025, which increases the revenue by $350 million. An ambitious growth target intended to sway the industry toward Bali’s vision of expanded access.

Inspirational thoughts

He comes from a small town, leading the fastest-growing companies as CEO and CTO worth to stand among successors under 30 from Forbes 30 under 30 2014. His calm mannerism, along eagerness to learn from things, helps in solving a critical problem. He was known as the league of the double unicorn for handling multi-billionaire businesses.

Having dealt with two different entrepreneurial journeys, which are entirely different and robust, he says everything comes with a solution unless it all depends on the way of thinking logically. He plans to build the most extensive global hospital system. I hope his dream comes true and helps many people leaInspirational d healthy lives. Below YouTube video where he explained our early traction

Eren Bali networth

currently around $16 million.

What is Carbon-Health?

Carbon Health is a human-centered, American primary healthcare provides high-quality personalized care.

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