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Gagan Biyani | A serial unicorn entrepreneur and an Evolving writer



Gagan Biyani

An ambitious, action-oriented Gagan Biyani always followed three passionate paths business, marketing, and writing. He is known as a founder of unicorns in a similar way to a founder of gross failures, but with hope, he made it to success. Discover the interim head growth of his journey through Many industries making millions of net worth.

Early story of Gagan Biyani

Gagan Biyani was born on 30 May 1987 in Silicon Valley, Fremont, California, to an Indian-American family. In Fremont, he completed his diploma in Mission San Jose High school and then pursued and received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Career growth

He began his career at Accenture and Microsoft before transitioning into technology entrepreneurship and journalism. He worked as a journalist at TechCrunch, an American newspaper that published a news article about high-tech startup companies. Initially, he wrote for the mobile application as an investigative journalist, the one who investigated the daily updates of the application and wrote technology pieces for news. 

In 2009-10 along with Eren Bali and other co-founders, they started an Edu-Tech, a massive open online courses platform Udemy. He eventually leads towards investor relations, finance, business development, public relations, operations, and user acquisition. Gagan raised initial venture capital of $4 million. Besides working for six months in Udemy, he did a stint at ride-hailing startup Lyft as interim head of marketing. 

Along with Erin Turner in 2013, he founded a Growth Hackers Conference and event held in San Francisco. He featured well-known growth hackers Chamath Palihapitiya, Sean Ellis, Keith Rabois, and others.

Sprig’s journey

In the same year, 2013, along with some friends, he came up with home delivery of healthy cooked food. He partnered with Nate Keller, a former Executive Chef at Google headquarters, and Michelin-starred chef Kyle Connaughton, who served as culinary advisories. To focus on his startup, Sprig left Lyft. Sprig delivers a balanced meal to users in 15-30min 

In consecutive years of 2014-15, Sprig raised $10 million in Series A funding and $45 million via its Series B funding round. From Greylock Partners with Battery Ventures and Accel participating. Together with funding, Greylock partner Simon Rothman joined Sprig’s board. Even after having 1300 employees and $57M funding, he announced the close of Sprig as it faces operational complexities.

More about Biyani

Biyani is always enthusiastic about new things and loves exploring, making him travel around  60 countries in 3 years, 2017-20. He explains it very nicely “ Along the way, I’ve dined on rodents with indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest, celebrated Christmas with Colombian families in Medellin, enjoyed the orgasmic explosion of Shanghai soup dumplings, and danced until sunrise in Beirut.” A complete journey in lines explains his experiences and viewpoint on the different cities and varieties of cultures. Likewise, below is one of his memory from the journey to the cave of Cuba.


A long journey after a gap of years helped to shape his motive and co-founded Maven, a platform of all kinds of courses with live online sessions from the world’s best instructors.

Gagan Biyani is arguably the world’s most influential social media star and ideal celebrity influencer named by Forbes in its 30 Under 30 list for Consumer Tech entrepreneurs. Basically, his net worth is approximately $1.5 Million. He always says storytelling captivates me to think differently in trying to hold two opposing viewpoints simultaneously. That’s a success of some part of the journey.

Gagan Biyani new comany?

Since from Sep 2020, he is CEO and Co-founder of Maven, a platform for cohort-based courses.

Gagan Biyani awards?

“Best Graduate Turned Mentor”, July 17th in Silicon Valley.

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