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Harry Winston | Success Story of the diamond guy



Harry Winston

Harry Winston was an American jeweler. His success story inspires people to grow regardless of the background they come from. Winston was not only famous among the Hollywood celebrities, the Duke, and Duchess of Windsor were also his customers. He has been a favorite of all in America and worldwide for a long time now.

Early Life

On 1st March 1896, Harry Winston was born in New York. His father Jacob Winston owned a small jewelry business, he was a Jew immigrant from Ukraine. At the age of 12, he bought an emerald stone for 25 cents from a pawn shop. After 3 years, he moved to Los Angeles to run his family business. The Premier Diamond Company was his first jewelry business. Later, this company helped him to establish Harry Winston Inc.


Since he joined his family business really early he didn’t go to any college or university. Jennifer Jones won the Academy Awards in 1944 & she was Harry Winston’s muse. He made his first Hollywood debut at the Academy Awards in 1944. After that Oscar debut celebrities like Claudette Colbert and Shirley Temple befriended him.

Later in 1948, he was one of the favorites of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. His career included most of the memorable works he did as a jeweler.

Memorable Works

Harry Winston was a well-known name in the jewelry business. In the song ‘Diamonds are the girl’s best friend’ he was mentioned in the line “Talk to me, Harry Winston! Tell me all about it! ” Marilyn Monroe performed the song in the movie Gentlemen prefer Blondes, 1953.

He owned a 69.42-carat pear-shaped diamond which was known as the Taylor-Burton diamond. Later, Richard Burton bought the handcrafted version of the diamond for his wife Elizabeth Taylor.

Since his first red carpet movement in 1944, his company has become a necessity for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Regina king, etc. Also, Jacqueline Kennedy’s Marquise cut diamond ring is one of the most expensive engagement rings to date.

Harry Winston owned some of the most renowned jewels in the world. For instance the hope diamond, he bought in 1949. Mary Antoinette and Lord Henry Hope once owned the hope diamond. Currently, the House of Winston is in ownership of a magnificent pink diamond. In November 2018 the magnificent pink diamond was sold at the price of $ 56 million.

Lesson to Learn

Harry Winston knew his ambitions and followed them at every cost. Since the day he found his passion he started working over it. He said, Each diamond has a different nature. Each diamond must be handled the way you handle a person”. He was in love with diamonds and the beauty of diamonds and this love for his work is the reason why we all know him to date.

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