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Kabeer Biswas | Initiated hyperlocal e-commerce services



Kabeer Biswas

Kabeer Biswas is an entrepreneur and owner of an e-commerce platform that made each person’s life hassle-free. Life has become so easy nowadays with smartphones and their applications, click place a few days it’s a door. But something was missing waiting for the package longing too much. What if we had to pick and drop options many might have thought but Kabeer executed with dunzo- promises delivery with minimal charges.

The early life of Kabeer

Kabeer Biswas born in 1984 is an Indian native, who lost his father at the age of 19. Being a single child of a wealthy family starting a startup was his dream and he moved to Bangalore and worked in a couple of the companies. 

Kabeer pursued a Bachelor of Electronics in Computers from the University of Mumbai (2000-2004). Later, did a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)

Career growth

As soon as he completed his MBA in 2007, he joined BAL(Bharti Airtel Limited) as a rural.NPD further handled social, community, and location-based services. Further moving on joined Videocon Telecommunications Limited in the New Product Development area in 2010. 

Then worked for Y2CF Digital Media Private Limited in the Product area till 2013. He founded a company called Hopper, which was acquired by Hike in 2014. He has gained enough experience till then and thus established his local delivery setup, Dunzo in January 2015.

Startup journey

Every startup’s ideas are nothing but the struggles that we faced in real-life. Similarly, Kabeer got this startup idea while he was working and used to wait for the weekend to buy the groceries and do laundry work and other stuff. So he thought why don’t have a service like Ola, or Amazon as a local delivery service.

So, with the idea, he started a Whatsapp group initially and took orders delivering them to the person. This was click and business grows around 10000+ in a few days. 

It was time to expand the Whatsapp app so I worked with Ankur Aggarwal, Dalvir Suri, and Mukan. Kabeer after formulating an idea took an initiative to expand his team thus, he gave employment to students who wanted to work part-time in his initiative. And his first-round investment came out to $1.18 million.

Moving further the funding was a hurdle he tried everywhere after trying for nearly a hundred shots, Google agreed with funding of $40 million

Plans of Kabeer

Dunzo is working in 8 cities. And saves people time as well as provides services of medicines, grocery, and laundry services with just a single tap. Dunzo will be focusing on the local offline businesses. Kabeer is trying hard to make the local economy a lot more efficient.

 Dunzo receives 2 million orders every month. This hyperlocal delivery company is growing 10 – 15 % every month. In recent times Dunzo has around 16 investors investing around $89.6 million.



Never give up on any situation, when he was out of investment Kabeer gave hundreds of efforts to pick it up. So try hard everything comes in your way that’s what mainly his story inspires. Let all his plans and ideas of setting thousands of services come true and his motto of helping people keep on growing.

Aim of Kabeer Biswas?

To provide people with hyperlocal services and save people’s time.

Kabeer Biswas net worth?

$301-$307 Million

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